Friday, October 14, 2016


King Bhumibol Adulyade had died aged aged 88 ending the reign of the world's longest serving monarch.    In Thailand he was revered and enjoyed almost God like status.   He was the glue and unifying force that held the country together through a succession of military coups.   The outpouring of grief that you see is genuine.

A couple of decades ago  I had the privilege of dining with the King and Queen at the Royal Palace in Bangkok when I was part of an official delegation enjoying 'guest of government' status. An unforgettable experience made even more memorable by the fact that the King went out of his way to have a one-on-one conversation with me as the most junior member of the delegation.   First and only time I have ever eaten off gold plate.   He also presented me with a medal which I could never wear.    I think it commemorated Buddha's birthday.

Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn (64) will now assume the throne.   He is widely seen as a playboy who spends much of his abroad and does not enjoy the same affection as the late King did.

Interesting times ahead for Thailand.


Anonymous said...

Not to put to finer point on it the 62 year old heir is a slug of whom nobody has said no to since he climbed out of his play pen. The people don't like him because he has history and adds nothing to the the dignity of the position.

Strangely for patriarchal society the people prefer his much loved daughter to take over. Unfortunately the military and the industrialists don't.

As you say interesting times ahead for the work shy hedonistic country.

Lord Egbut

David said...

Egbut, in that horrid squalid Kingdom of Siam your words would see you beaten and jailed, quite possibly executed.

Like all hereditary monarchs, Siam's King was a millstone around the neck of the people.

Gods and monarchs both demand special laws to keep them free of criticism, the only difference being monarchs do exist.

Anonymous said...

Except in the UK David. Satire and taking the piss out of the royals is obligatory. It reassures them that the public are still fond of them

Lord Egbut