Monday, October 17, 2016


up her in the beautiful BoI.   In the bush that surrounds Mon Repose the rosellas have come back aplenty; there are two huge wood pigeons that have made their home in a tree that looks down on our balcony (don't tell Sonny Tau that); the kiwis are back 'snuffling' while the possums continue to try and evade the traps installed per courtesy of Bay Bush Action.

A few brave souls are starting to hit the water; the restaurants are jam packed (we were at Alfresco's last night, beautiful meal, the New York cheesecake was a standout); two new businesses about to open in our version of main street (Subway and an ice-cream outlet - although why we need three of them within 10m of each other has me beat);  there are very few properties for sale and rentals are just about impossible to find ... problem for Paihia is that there is no more land, we're surrounded by either by DOC forest estate (very hilly) or sea ... 4k inland on the road to Keri2 there is the Watea Waters development with new homes going up weekly ... many snapped up by refugees from Auckland.

In short, Paihia is booming.   Great place to be.   Problem for me is that for the next two weeks I'm OOT 'working', bugga.   Will just about manage to squeeze in a game of golf at Waitangi b4 I go. Next post (maybe) from Rydges Hotel in Auckland.


The Realist said...

Life is obviously a shit sandwich for you Vet, you poor bugger.

Anonymous said...

Modesty and self effacement are not your strong point. Lack of self esteem perhaps?

The Veteran said...

Anon ... nah. Just lucky to live in NZL and in the BoI and yes, right now, life's good and I celebrate it. You actually have a choice not to read my blog. Go2 No Right Turn or The Daily Blog if you want to feel miserable.

Anonymous said...

Quite right Veteran, although I haven't read these blogs I assume that they are slightly right of urban guerilla. To be fair some of your band of faithful haven't had an easy ride of it and it is bad form to flaunt your hedonistic lifestyle in front of them. Take Master Baiter for example, not a communist, pseudo or otherwise, in sight to bait, a man who who peaked too late. This must be particularly galling for him as global warming has solved the Napoleonic dilemma of a march on Moscow...sadly a life wasted.

Not forgetting the Dodger down there in the wind swept wastes of Banks Peninsular where men are men, sheep are worried and good conversation is at a premium. Life is taking a downturn with the inevitable browning of local authorities, the inexorable advance of the triffid like speed cameras closing in on the bunker system causing difficulties in selling. Over the years Dodger has muttered that his wife doesn't understand are not alone dear.

Poor Adolph had a bad time of it after he wiped his arse on an infected rabbit skin. The Australian health service turned down his request for a transplant on the grounds that there was not a surgeon in the land skilled enough to separate his mouth from his anus. Please think about these unfortunates before posting.

Let us not forget the trials and tribulations of diminutive Andrei in St Petersburg. Forced to drink alcohol made from potatoes and eat potatoes made out of, er potatoes all because Russia is on the naughty step and sanctions are in place, to be fair as an emerging nation they should be allowed a few mistakes however life in a land where there are no ugly women just not enough vodka must fraught with difficulty. I have great respect for Andrei as he is 100% honest in his posts...he 100% honestly does not believe a word he writes.

I now hear the winding gear so I will pick up my lunch box and with my faithful pitpony descend for another day at the coalface where I can only dream of a long walk spoiled by this thing called golf.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... not sure how I can/if I should respond to your whimsical frolic so I won't, except to say that clearly, you are a devotee of Ambrose Bierce.

His definition of a Conservative ... a statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal who wants to replace them with others.