Friday, October 14, 2016

Spot The Anomaly

From the hopeless Herald:-

Here's the picture

 The smokestack industries are under a thick cloud. Picture / Greg Bowker

 and here's the headline.

Woods: Agri emissions must be tackled

Can you see anything wrong?

Not a cow in sight
A picture of a gas/coal fired power station
Some harmless steam rising from a cooling tower

Just the media wing of the Labour Party spreading more lies and misinformation.


Noel said...

The Rankine coal generators were mothballed a couple of years ago. The discharge is from the gas generators due for retirement in 2018.

Johno said...

Oh no - belching out all that gaseous di-hydrogen monoxide! Everyone knows that's the main component of acid rain!

Chris Morris said...

No Noel You have that wrong. The 250MW Parsons (the Rankine) units #1 and #2 are still available and #3 is in long term storage. The CCGT is out to the right of the picture and the open cycle GTs are behind the boilerhouse