Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The creepy sleaze-bag toilet watcher who lit the fuse that caused the fire for Aaron Smith  alleged to have succumbed to a desire for a babe wanting to indulge in a lawful if somewhat fraught casual liaison, is regretting his prurient act of privacy invasion, is now being reported by NZME to be regretting his act.

"He only did it because his missus insisted",  so sad buddy, having revealed yourself as an oik, throwing your missus under the bus is entirely fitting for the sicko big girls blouse you clearly are.

How about you find  your conjones and front the same media you shamelessly used to try and knock the All Black off his deserved pedestal as a world class player albeit with a somewhat unworldly appreciation  as to how his personal behaviour might be seen by others, with your cowardly revelation and make a public apology in person for your shameless so far anonymous act of doubtfully lawful sleaze.


Johno said...

This is one dude who really should apologise for being a man.

Psycho Milt said...

How is this even a thing? It's like Kim Kardashian stories - celebrity gossip, not news.

Noel said...

In another breath he claims he also has video but will not release it at this time.
In another breath he claims his wife was originally going to send it to an airline because the woman was an employee.

Aint the new smart phone ethics wonderful.

Alistair said...

During my primary school days such people were called "pimps". Even the Headmaster decried "pimping". "I'm going to tell!" was treated with the contempt that this busybody deserves. (He deserves his wife too.)