Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I  shall attempt to assist.

Mr Barry I have just heard your possible ignorance based but I suspect deliberate ongoing inane rubbish attitude to the reality that is Fiji 2016.

You might like to just listen to yourself and the boring one dimensional lispings of  Bwabwa Dwever and then try to work out whether a one man one vote democwacy that Fwank has established  to repwace the crooked corrupt, chief based Methodist enabled government that denied the many decades old Indian ethnic voters decisions with armed force.

After independence, after over one and a half decades of Mara, Timothy Bavandra led a coalition based on Indian descendants from the colonial sugar industry and trade union strength to successfully challenge the ethnic power brokers enjoying Methodist church support and won power.
That did not please many of the ethnics who enjoyed a life under Palm trees while the entrepreneurial inspired Indians made the economy function, and a fuzzy from the army  Sitivini Rambuka staged a bloodless coup.
What followed was decades of rubbish politics as many who should have known better tried to maintain governments whose power came from the by now racial minority Melanesians.
NZ  and Australia even sent Maori God botherer and ex head of NZ Anglicans, subsequently NZ Governor General, Sir Paul Reeves in a Gilbert and Sullivan like e facile attempt to maintain racial supremacy for the minority palm tree shade layabouts.

Then Mr Choudrey upset things with another Indian party electoral victory only for another entitled moron George Speight to try to intervene, this time people died and another crook (convicted and jailed) Quarase was installed.

Military Supremo Commodore Frank Bianirama   Said enough and in spite of the best efforts of the
Ignorant has established one person one vote democracy that will always be operating in the shadow of a coup instigated by the laughably "disenfranchised" racist Chiefs.

Through all this tragedy many biased media and stupid paternalistic non Fijian polliticians have failed miserably to stop Frank, and now Bazza is whining that while the Fiji PM is here to see the rugby test on Saturday he won't " feed the moronic trolls".
Just let it go Mr Barry there are many more challenging problems in the Pacific Nations that need sorting, Fiji is doing better than most and you and your manipulative fellow "F" lister media hacks need to fix some fences.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Soper makes a fool of himself with a remarkably stupid piece on the visit to NZ of an American warship. He calls it a major back down for America whereas it actually is a back down for NZ.

Was Soper one of those who spat on the returning troops?

paul scott said...

ahh the Dodger writes in script.
This is going to take me longer than usual to understand.
Does it mean everyone has a single equal vote, that's weird.
There's no necessity to go overboard like that.
Why can't we have racism still.