Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Talking to a local while down at the library in Paradise and asked after her offspring.

Now her eldest who went to the city around seven years ago and did an apprentiship with a butcher, duly completed. he then went to Melbourne and became interested in furthering his options enrolled and completed heavy trade licence with forklift and other support certificates and moved to Perth.

Now if I am to believe the lies from the MSM the reduction in the mining sector has expats jobless and returning home to the new "lucky" country. However Stewart, for want of a name, found a mates ensuite where he could doss on "a mattress  on the floor" and started putting his "cv" around likely opportunities, nek minut in a pub got talking to an old geezer who gave him a heads up and now he is into his second 28 days on with fourteen off doing long haul support driving of big rigs for mineral exploration crews.

Gee whiz he could have been homeless, hopeless and another loser on a couch smoking dope,  instead  he is a one man success story and flying in the face of what the luvvies would have us believe about how hard it is for youth.

So how did that happen, he is just a good young bastard with salt of the earth toilers for parents, nothing special unless one considers a get up and go fella as special.
Mind you they all well might be just that.

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Anonymous said...

I do wish people would stop beating round the bush and start being honest , there's just so much misdirecting information I find myself Looking in to areas where i find puzzles ,, it's a job for John Campbell , not me the feather men would be shaking their heads at all this nonsense