Sunday, October 23, 2016


In my book respect needs to be earned and not demanded.
Michael Cheika clearly believes that his rather ordinary bunch deserve respect based on the great players of previous years while his bunch of nigglers led by sniveller pedestrian Steven Moore it's not an option, sorry Michael respect is difficult to store and your storage is causing spoilage and rot.

For a Nation that has another code's captain caught on audio threatening to break the arm of an opponent causing grief, to suggest  NZ Rugby lacks respect for The Wallabies is laughable.
Yes the descendents of convicts losing need to have their egoes massaged but the only aspect of their game that has been raised this season is niggle and off the ball rubbish.
I am certain Savea would not have run Speight down any more than a prop forward moving forward many yards away from where an up and under kick will land is an automatic penalty, it is the rules, clearly two dads Dane changed his line to ensure Savea did not achieve the impossible, by then Speight was gone..
Now how about the head butt from Hooper on Retallick followed by a petulant facial off the ball, not exactly going to raise any hopes for a rise in respect Michael.

I normally rarely consider the all too often ordinary attempts by Emmerson to be remotely humorous, inane yes, but he clearly scored a direct hit on Cheika with his clowns are coming effort so for that he can have a 'C'.
Then there was the 'caterpillar wth McCaw's head imposed that was such a hoot in the Daily Telegraph with the header 'only grub McCaw stands in the way of the Wallabies', some years ago, only served to raise the intent of the ABs.
It's the media stupid.
As if any offering in our little rag tabloid is anyway an opinion  of NZ Rugby, hell one only needs to observe how any imperfection that can be tenuously tied to our national game is handled.

Funny olde worlde notion Mr Cheika but your understanding and mine do not align on respect.


Anonymous said...

Cheika thinks the Herald are in cahoots with the All Blacks.
Funny , i seem to recall the 100% is a 100% Australian owned paper.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Definitely time to turn the other cheika.

Unknown said...

An insult to clowns everywhere.
He is a buffoon

Ciaron said...

Someone, for the love of God, take away his shovel...