Sunday, October 9, 2016


Christchurch Mayoralty facile snook at real choice!

While an initial count gave the hack and abruptly curtailed Labour MP, 75 000 votes,  a surprising 14 000 voted for the screaming skull who ran on keeping our assets and free bus rides for all, and  an even more astounding 1400 gave their democracy token to Tubby who is difficult to contact as he eschews phones so as to deny the gumment spies information about himself.
Now Mr Minto last I heard there were no proposals to sell anything other than falshoods and someday you might actually in your second major 'plank" free aint free, work out  some other poor bastard would be paying even though the gift would never benefit them.

Meanwhile two thirds or around 140 000 didn't give their vote to any of them.

The pity was when I opened my postal vote papers with the very curious accompanying blurbs that were clearly exempt from truth and honesty in advertising that is legally obligated on non political snakeoil purveyors, the ballot did not include the very clear ommission, "none of the above".
At least then they would be denied the apparent satisfaction that any of them enjoyed any modicom of approval

So around 29% voted for the old grey mare, leaving the question how many did that to ensure Minto got nowhere near the levers of power, would they outnumber those who voted for Tubby as desperation to send a message, kicked in.

Thanks a bunch Mr Palmer, local Government is rather tarnished and inneffectual, it could be said.

Another random question why was an unusually slobbering and grinning temporary leader of the opposition so animated at the election of another suddenly "independent" candidate, this time in The City Of Sails.
Could it be another case of false packaging and measure that is strangely exempt from commerce commission scrutiny.

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Gerald said...

"ballot did not include the very clear ommission, "none of the above".

Ahh might have something to do with the fact the elections are for candidates.

Ahh how would the blurb be for "none of the above". Nah too much was of blank paper.