Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nothing to see here: They're Nats!

Here's two stories/issues you won't see on Kiwiblog.

Millions of dollars of Steven Joyce's Corporate welfare flushed down the bog.  That's very bad news for Dean Lonergan.

And, seven of the top 10 spenders on air travel for ex MPs came from the Nats.

But it could be worse, folks.  It could be Labour doing it!


Anonymous said...

theres several likely reasons 7 out of 10 recipients of free travel are ex Nat MPs

1) Over a period of time there have probably been considerably more Nat MPs than Labour and
2) Free travel is one thing but you need to have money when you get to your destination , and i suspect many ex Labour MPs are on benefits and don't have spare cash

The Veteran said...

Nick ... Wynyard from the start was seen as speculative stock. The IT business is cut-throat and requires considerable up front investment which, if successful, can produce big dividends. Now I know ACT would argue that government should opt out of trying to pick winners and losers and let the market decide. We could have a debate about that ... perhaps a start point might be to look at the success stories of businesses that have benefited from support from the Innovation Fund.

The travel perk is a non story from the past where the concept of a TEP was an alien life-form. If you were entitled to it you would be silly not to use it. Are you suggesting that government should introduce legislation to retrospectively remove an entitlement? A stupid hang-over from when MPs decided their own salaries and when below-the-line entitlements were in vogue to make up for generally inadequate salary levels.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


National MPs live longer because, unlike their Labour counterparts, they generally are happy people with sunny dispositions.

Gerald said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Perhaps you could use your brain, if you have one, and realise that banned means banned.

Go and troll somewhere else.

Noel said...

I've just noticed that Adolf has the power to delete on any contrubuters page in addition to his own. Is this how the process works. Was going to request how one becomess a contributor but if this is the accepted practise would have reservations.