Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Farrar has a Kiwiblog post titled "A Win For Wellington",  that covers a deserved kick in the groin for a police leadership who thought they had the power to rewrite the law. IMHO the win although achieved by Wellington City was a much wider victory for the rule of law and a landmark hit on an increasing belief that police headquarters wishes to move from policing to a greater power in areas , the Judiciary and Parliament is empowered by convention in our unwritten constitutional status to perform.

Now  I am a long standing supporter of the Police front line officers with the all too often rather disgusting duty of cleaning up amongst the outcomes of over indulging in alcohol  and dealing with drunks and all the very worst they deliver but the top brass are getting me offside. With the policy directives increasing use of speed traps, enforcing of drink and drug law in increasing the severity of their muscle by executive order that flies in the face of what has been established as the intent of legislators and judges , the brass over reached and got their beans.
Using threats of tying up licensing applications that can already be onerous enough, by opposing all applications that unless include a significant alteration of conditions or a need to remedy serious historical  offending , merely need a costly rubber stamp just to feed the crats the Police threatened more costs and delays.
Police have an increasing propensity to manipulate the law by fiat when they decline to use the already numerous options the law provides. Setting up under stress licencees by waiting until they become overwhelmed by staff numbers insufficient to deal with a sudden surge in patron pressure, placing speed traps at the end of passing lanes or the base of downhill roads and the moronic reducing blood alcohol levels to almost margin of error with the accompanying destruction of business values where alternative transport options are non existent, only perpetrates the increasing loss of respect and the latest strike by Wellington Command is just further excess zeal.

How's about "Police Get Their Reins Jerked, Hard."

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