Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Case proved beyond any doubt.

Then again everyone knew that, didn't they?

The totally discredited and corrupt United Nations not only reappoint the Saudi government to the International Human Rights Committee for a forth term, their Geneva representative  is now in the chair of a powerful and very influential HRC committee.

The Nation that is a shoo in for a podium finish if not the Gold Medal as the perpetrator of human rights abuse having  declined a lengthylist of investigative visits  from the world body. A body  that sees New Zealand's choice of name for the revamped CYFS as a problem yet appoints a Government that continues to chop headsoff on a weekly display of depravity unchallenged,  should have its membership investigated not be appointed  to any position of such hypocritical  magnitude.

The UN is well past its use by date, toxic is not strong ehough.


paul scott said...

Agreed absolutely 100%

Paulus said...

Doesn't the initials HRC mean Hillary Rodham Clinton ?

Saviour to the world - if she makes it that far.