Saturday, October 15, 2016


but with the latest Fox News poll which traditionally has a Republican bias showing that Clinton's lead over Trump has grown to 7 points and Bill O'Reilly, their respected anchorman and erstwhile Trump supporter now saying out loud that this election is a sad day for America and it can't get much worse for camp Trump.

But it can.   Adam was a cowboy the last time that Utah voted the Blue team but right now Clinton is only a few percentage points behind Trump ... the reason, a guy called Evan McMullin, standing as an Independent, who in the latest Monmouth University poll was preferred by 20% of respondents.   McMullin was a sometime CIA agent and GOP policy strategist, a devout Mormon (helps in Utah) and, above all, an avowed conservative who argues that Trump never was.    As it stands right now he's on the ballot in 34 States and likely to go higher.   He won't win but every vote he gets is one less for Trump.   One senses the stirrings of a campaign to win back control of the GOP from the dead end street that Trump is driving it down.

Still, it's never over till it's over but I suspect that America is poised to elect as their President someone who will assume office as hugely damaged goods and, more likely than not, be a one term President.


Andrei said...

"Still, it's never over till it's over but I suspect that America is poised to elect as their President someone who will assume office as hugely damaged goods and, more likely than not, be a one term President."

Given her psychopathy and the trajectory the world is on she might well be the last American President

David said...

For two years the lunatic right (Alex Jones, Breitbart, Glen Beck, et al) have been telling us Obama will cancel the election and remain in office.

Sadly, but that would be the best thing for America - postpone the poll for a year and tell both parties to find decent candidates.

The Veteran said...

David ... occasionally you get it right. This is one of those times ... but of course it won't happen.

Redbaiter said...

Vet, why can't you wake up to the lies and hypocrisy and artifice of the left?

Amoral scum they will say and do anything they think they can get away with in their unending and obsessive pursuit of power. The one party state they want.

The fat gutted coward is due no praise for "getting it right"..!!


As usual, he's light years away from the reality, which is that both of these candidates are of the left, in particular most aligned with the positions of any New York liberal/ progressive.

Personally, Trump scrapes home ahead of the corrupt and venal Hillary. Politically, they're peas in a pod.

The pandering and posturing of this multi-knicked yellow backed communist POS is so obvious Vet you should see through it a mile away.

The election is a mess for sure, but its down to the left wing of politics, and has been ever since Cruz dropped out.

The Veteran said...

Red ... you're a cracked record stuck in the groove. Trump will lose for a variety of reasons, most of his own making. He is not and has never been a Republican reflecting conservative values ... his embrace of eminent domain and his antipathy towards free trade just two examples. Clearly more and more in the GOP are waking up to the fact that they were coned by a flake and fake ... they can regret their mistake at leisure over the next four years.

I stand by my prediction that crooked Hillary will be a one term President. I'll make another ... the whitewashing of Trump will be of Dukakis proportions.

The Veteran said...

Red ... and I would appreciate if you didn't call contributors to MY blog a "Fat gutted coward". They might be tempted to respond in kind. That adds nothing to the quality of debate. Thank you.

Redbaiter said...

The truth is he is a fat gutted coward, as those who know him, and witness his behaviour on blogs everywhere have seen. His fake comment under the name of DJ4 applauding the death of Cam Slater's mother is just one example.

This blog was ready to ban D4J for life when they thought he had made the comment. Why not ban the actual person who made the comment for life?

You must know it yourself, and it doesn't do any blog any good to let such a slimy disreputable POS abuse it and other commenters the way he does.

The Veteran said...

Red ... I don't/didn't know that D4J is David and vice versa. I will treat each comment on its merits and I thought your comment needed drawing attention to.

My only absolute rule is in respect of anyone calling me a liar. They're out.

Chaz said...

"it doesn't do any blog any good to let such a slimy disreputable POS abuse it and other commenters the way he does."

And yet here you are, Russell.

paul scott said...

Who will effectively run the country as Clinton's Parkinson's continues to affect her capacity. Not medically qualified, it is still reasonable to say that Clinton is a psychopath.
That is a psychopath with Parkinson's disease.
Clinton inside a wheel chair is different from Trueman in a wheel chair.
Who really makes the heavy weight Empire decisions there. I don't know, but we just get called conspiracy theorists even for mentioning it.

Anonymous said...

"Last American president"...That sounds like a veiled threat Andrei. What you mean is if she has the balls to stand up to Putin as someone should then she is a psychopath not to mention warmonger. The connections between what is happening in Syria and Ukraine with the Russians and what happened in 1936 Spain and the Sudetenland with Hitler is frightening and we appear to be in lockstep to a repeat of the past..

I believe that Hillary may turn out to be the best man for the job.

Oh... and to our man in Bangkok. The reason that Clinton "inside' a wheelchair is different from Truman in a wheelchair is because they aren't called Roosevelt.

Can we meet in St Petersburg for a beer at Warzawo down Kazanskya Ulitsa? Lovely Czech beer including the original Budweiser be before the warmongering yanks got hold of it

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you beat me to it with your penultimate para and that's good because I could never match your phaseology.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not Hillary will be the next POTUS and the claim that she will be a one term president is wishful thinking only. Go Hillary, you have only a blowhard to beat.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about being called a liar Vet is that, while it may smart, we know in absolute terms, its always true. I've lied heaps during my life in attempts to delay justice or keep out of trouble. They may all be minor porkies but they are still lies so if someone calls me a liar its true - I am.


Paulus said...

I will be a wonder if Clinton makes it to the inauguration -there are some good drugs for a short term boost as was seen in the last "debate".
After that a wheelchair will be needed and Air Force One will need some sort of lift arrangements to get her to the ground.
I do honestly think she is not well - the last 8 years have taken a great toll on her health both mentally and physically.
I am just older than she is and I know what ageing can do and I am not a corrupt American politician.

The Veteran said...

Fred2 ... well it's gonna be interesting to see Hillary as POTUS in action.

Two positions on boarders ... one open and one closed. Which one Hillary?

Two positions on free trade ... one the Sanders and Trump one. The other, TPPA represents the 'Gold Standard' in free trade agreements. Which one Hillary?

Two positions on Wall Street ... when she said to her Wall Street 'friends' ... never mind what I say, watch what I do (paraphased). I'm watching.

And lets not even talk about Wikileaks and the Clinton Foundation and donations for influence while 'she' was SoS.

The list goes on. Hillary has more positions than the Karma Sutra.

AS for the second term prediction. Health may or may bot be an issue (as it is for most people in their mid 70s) but I think it's more likely that her Presidency will implode from within as all the contradiction chickens come home to roost. But the real driver will be if the Republicans can get their act together and manage to put up at least a half decent candidate ... he/she should waltz in.

David said...

Red ... and I would appreciate if you didn't call contributors to MY blog a "Fat gutted coward". They might be tempted to respond in kind.

When Red goes low, I go high. There is no point in me going down to his level of guttersniping, he would simply beat me with his far greater experience.

I am interested to note though that he has finally dropped his sock puppet personas on here to continue his attempt to smear me with lies. I provided Farrar with information that I was not responsible for the comments. Farrar failed to respond, but that came as no surprise.

Farrar claimed my ISP at the time was Adam Internet, a rather expensive way for a NZ resident to access the web, don't you think? My ISP at the time was TelstraClear, a far more sensible and affordable choice for use in NZ.

And finally, I find it hilarious that Worried of Tauranga labels me a coward when I am one of the few here happy to post under my own name. He has denied his real name when I addressed him by it on his own blog. He hides all his contact details with his domain name registration; mine is public as I am unafraid to own my opinions. I do not choose to hide in a dark basement, munching Twinkies and thinking up ways to finally leave home and get my own room in a boarding house.

Anyway, WoT is good enough at derailing debate without me going off topic too long, that is all I have to say on the matter.

Redbaiter said...

You're a liar and a coward.

In all my time on the internet since I started using Redbaiter, I have never once used another name other than Redbaiter.

If you understood the concept of self respect, you would perhaps have some small chance of understanding that, but being the repugnant lowlife you are, you'll never get it.

Redbaiter said...

Vet- Adolf- Milt- Why do you allow this lying smearing cowardly POS Brindley to comment here?

I don't comment at Kiwiblog anymore because of the crap that exists there.

Shame the worst of them all now appears welcome here.

David said...

Ooh look, the Donald Trump defense on display.

Lie and smear, smear and lie.

Redbaiter wants to preclude polite discussion with the rhetorical equivalent of thermonuclear strikes on his opponents. His pre-emptive strikes tend to prompt either dazed silence or return volleys of verbal abuse, and abuse seems to fortify Redbaiter in his belief that everyone to the left of Enoch Powell is a grimly conspiratorial minion of darkness, rather than a human being who disagrees with him about certain political issues.

David said...

In all my time on the internet since I started using Redbaiter, I have never once used another name other than Redbaiter.

And that is not what I said. I said I used your real name in addressing you on your blog. You denied it was your name. Adolf has deleted a comment of mine when I used that same name to refer to you here. Is Adlof also a liar?

The Veteran said...

Red ... I actually endorse free speech. Something some of use fought for. I am pretty tolerant actually. You have accused me many times of being a pseudo communist .. I laugh. I guess if I wanted to I could call you a crypto fascist ... I don't. I let people read your posts and make their minds up as to your worth.

So, can I ask you yet again to tone down your written word ... 'POS Brinkley' does not sit well with me.

Anyway, back to the point of the post. It gets really, really, really bad for Trump when Nigel Farage disowns you. You can see it at

Redbaiter said...

"Red ... I actually endorse free speech."

Apparently you don't even know what free speech is.

The only entity that can threaten of inhibit free speech is the govt.

Individuals are free to do as they choose, and if you choose to allow your blog to be used by lowlife cowardly lying internet vermin such as Brindley, to smear others with lies, then that is entirely your choice, and nothing to do with free speech.

Just don't expect to be free of the consequences of such actions.

The foolishness of allowing Brindley to comment here, on this blog, and mistaking the publishing of his lies and his overall cowardly behaviour for "protecting free speech" is an act that confirms my oft repeated claim that Nat party supporters are in cloud cuckoo land politically and so easily manipulated by the left they're useless.

The Veteran said...

Red ... my definition of free speech ... the classical one. The freedom to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction.

Let's have your defintion.

David said...

I agree with your definition, Vet. Red, on the other hand, sees free speech of anything he approves and will do his best to shout out and drown any contrary view. Just look at him here, screaming at the top of his lungs, in your house, that you must obey his rules.

Seems he has too much time on his hands and not enough useful, productive work to do. I wonder if he has ever held a paying job, after all, he speaks so highly of the well known dole bludger Malcolm Roberts, who coat tailed his way in to the Australian Senate with an astonishing 77 first preference votes. Birds of a feather and all that ...

Redbaiter said...

There is no "definition" of free speech.

By defining it you are essentially limiting it.

What matters is the choice to say what you want, and that is why the US has a first Amendment to the Constitution.

What the Constitution does is limit government power to control its citizens, in this case over freedom of political expression.

You personally can do anything you want within the bounds of your own property such as this blog and the law, and that includes refusing to allow it to be used by internet sewer rats smearing other commenters with lies. (Or as in your case, choosing to allow it.)

Free speech is not defined. What is defined is govt power.

As for example the HRC in Australia (a govt agency) has used Sect 18c of the HRC Act to attack Andrew Bolt and now Bill Leak (Australian cartoonist).

To see allowing scum like Brindley to post lies on your blog as a "protection of free speech" is something that indicates you are light years away from understanding the concept.

Redbaiter said...

Anyway, your choice Vet. I don't swim in the sewer that is Kiwiblog and I wont be doing it here any longer either.

Have fun entertaining lying cowardly psychopathic pieces of shit.

I don't need it.

David said...

Nigel Farage can see what Tony Abbott can’t.

But Mr Abbott defended Mr Trump's policies, which include building a wall between Mexico and the United States to repel migrants, as reasonable.

Veteran political commentator Laurie Oakes nails Abbott with “Many of the Trump positions are reasonable enough,” says Abbott, making no mention of the dozens of policies advocated by The Donald that are mad, bad and dangerous.

Oakes also takes a shot at Abbott over his sudden conversion to a man who was going to “shirtfront Putin to a man expressing admiration for one of Putin’s biggest boosters in America. IT WASN’T so long ago that Tony Abbott promised to “shirtfront” Vladimir Putin. Now he is one of the lonely voices defending Putin’s great admirer, Donald Trump.

read the article it’s as good as it gets.

And it’s not just Farage going after Trump, Charles Krauthammer, an icon of right wing commentary, has blasted Trump for his dangerous attack on the democratic process. Referring to Trump’s claim that he would jail Hillary Clinton, Krauthammer writes

Such incendiary talk is an affront to elementary democratic decency and a breach of the boundaries of American political discourse. In democracies, the electoral process is a subtle and elaborate substitute for combat, the age-old way of settling struggles for power. But that sublimation works only if there is mutual agreement to accept both the legitimacy of the result (which Trump keeps undermining with charges that the very process is “rigged”) and the boundaries of the contest.

The Veteran said...

Farewell Red ... why am I surprised that you didn't take up the challenge to define free speech as you see it? Bullies of all shapes and sizes, colors and hues tend to bail out when called to account.

And Krauthammer is to be congratulated for calling time on Trump. Mind you Trump makes a pretty easy target for a right wing conservative to take aim at because, one thing for sure, he ain't a right wing conservative in the classical American William F Buckley tradition.

David said...

Vet, which is why it is so hard to understand how the GOP fell all over Trump.

A shame that John Stringer is no longer blogging. John and I often crossed swords, but his insight in US politics would be fascinating right now. It seems the whole Colin Craig saga must have worn him down.

The Veteran said...

David ... probably because they thought all they needed to do was to put up a 'donkey' and the electorate would swoon into place. Well they did but, instead of a donkey, they choose a Chump and it didn't. Mind you, it didn't help that the donkey kept shitting in the Republican house.

And don't even attempt to get me started on Clinton. Her 50%+ negative (unfavorable) rating shows that the American electorate hasn't lost all sense of proportion.

David said...

Former Australian Foreign Minister and American History Wonk has an article at The Age headlined “If you think Donald is bad, imagine Donald Trump 2.0”.

Just when you think it can't get any worse – Trump as candidate – here comes a more troubling prospect: the Trump next time, four years off, who defeats an unpopular President Clinton.

If Clinton takes office on January 20 she will have been defined as "crooked Hillary" by Republican attacks over emails, the family foundation and paid speeches to Wall Street. Only one voter in three sees her as honest or trustworthy and she may have the lowest approval rating of any victor since polls began. No honeymoon. Little goodwill.

Add lashings of misogyny to this toxic atmosphere and all is tailored for a Republican revival, and a revival with strong elements of Tea Party radicalism and Trump's populist white nationalism.

As a result the Republican Party of 2020 will be different from that of Reagan, the Bushes and McCain. It will be the party of the white working class, viscerally anti-trade. The party will be as anti-immigrant as right wing European parties like Marine Le Pen's. Nativism and populism will be the glue that holds it together.

Malcolm Turnbull said “There has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian”. To which I might add there has never been a more frightening time to be an American’'.

Carr concludes with

Trump might be finished. But another playwright, Bertolt Brecht, warned: "Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again."

The Realist said...

Reading these posts, there is no wonder the world stumbles into unavoidable wars! Give me strength!

Anonymous said...

Quite right Realist....It doesn't help when you have no idea who you are debating with.
This has been known for some time and the source newspaper is crap but unfortunately they are correct but very late. Now who could possibly be the moles? Perhaps if we have more comments on Putins stranglehold on Russia instead of infotainment on a foreign election that has little to do with us.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If you think Donald Trump is bad, thank your lucky stars you haven't got that commie bastard Bob Carr to put up with.

David said...

And as Worried of Tauranga disappears into the sunset, Flummoxed of Finkenstein Manor steps up to the plate to accuse all and sundry of the sin of thinking outside the narrow confines of Alt-Right dungeons.

Anyone who thinks Bob carr is a "commie" has so little credibility even madonna wouldn't wear it.

Flummoxed still thinks that a bankrupt know-nothing with a big mouth a cheque book only slightly larger than his piggy eyes would make a decent POTUS. A serial divorcer, adulterer, liar, (accused) rapist, thief, liar, traitor, ignoramus, serial groper, con artist. Yes, I can see why the alt-right love them some Trump. The rest of us are shit scared that this Russian backed thug, liar and conman will get anywhere near power.