Wednesday, October 12, 2016


A flame war has errupted between ACT leader Seymour and PPTA president Angela Roberts over the unions apparent lack of serious concern for the far too numerous cases of teachers using their place of power to abuse and misuse pupils, is covered in a Kiwiblog post.

The Teacher unions and their rather inappropriate  dogma based attitude to registration and Partnership Schools coupled with a total absence of remorse or responsibility for too many damaged young lives leave one somewhat saddened.

A move to ressurect Scouting in my little village in the 50s had me rush home to seek to join up only to be mortified at my father's absolute rejection of that option. Totally mystifying to an eight year old and only apparent years later when the reason for the flat rejection became  apparent.
Just as with the Priesthood, teaching and youth activities in general there are a bunch of dirty bastards who cannot let such an opportunity pass yet still inspite of  rigourous and well intentioned efforts far too many slip the net and destroy innocent lives.

In an interview with Newshub, Roberts suggested stress could be a factor in the 75 cases undertaken and 54 teachers struck from registaration in the last three years, now call me cynical but stress would be well down on my list of excuses for such appalling stats Ms Roberts whereas a belief in attitude,  monitoring and supervision might just need a review.
Of course had Seymour been a raving mad, man hating feminazi from the left maybe the point he made might have escaped Roberts attack.

I wonder if I should fall foul of plod for being a teaspoon of whisky over the idiotic arbitary near margin of error limit, how will "It was stress officer" go down, not well methinks.


The Veteran said...

GD ... sage post. And now we have the spectacle of Ms Roberts suggesting her comments were taken out of context. Some context ...

paul scott said...

Me too but different Dodger.
The old man said, I think it would be good for you to go to Boy Scouts, learn to cook outside, and cross a river.
But Dad, I want to join with the girl scouts.
He rejected that proposition outright even without considering it and I eventually learned how to build a bridge across a little river.