Thursday, October 27, 2016


First encountered yesterday in The Press, a survey on ten dollar meal options, a feature that resonates here in paradise with their preoccupation with harvesting tourist dollars  making eating out more expensive than desirable, is this morning expanded to cover other main centers.

Not on the Press list was a newish Thai eatery on the acute corner where Strickland St joins Columbo St in Beckenham, discovered some weeks ago.
Situated in a now closed Helyers Pie shop  (strange coincidence huh) this very nice fully licenced  eatery with an extensive Thai menu feeds us on Fridays for ten bucks a head on a regular basis. No Gold card involved either.

There are still many places offering good food for ten dollars a head.
Mind you with little searching I can find a Pie and a Pint at well in excess of twenty bucks a head  and it can disappoint to boot.

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