Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Tax avoidance is legit ... if the rules allow you to claim a deduction and you do then that should be the end of it.    So if, as reported, Donald Trump was able to claim a close to $1b loss that his business empire suffered in the 1990s with the result that he paid no tax for the next two decades then it should be a case of ... nothing to see here, move on.

But it's not like that.   He's running for President and there are a hell of a lot of taxpayers out there in voter land who, for a whole variety of reasons, will say that doesn't sit well with me.   The 'he's smart' argument run by the Trump camp may be right but the reality is that Trump, in not releasing his tax return, allowed the charge that he had something to hide gather a head of steam and perception became reality and the reality is a negative and right now Trump doesn't need too many more negatives.

The irony is that the Clinton Foundation has a lot more to answer for.

Bring back HST.


David said...

The irony is that the Clinton Foundation has a lot more to answer for

Does it? has it been told to stop soliciting donations?

David said...

Trump claims he "...knows the tax code better than anyone else"and that "only he can fix it"

So, Trump is saying that he took an advantage that is wrong, that he should have not been able to take and he will make sure he can never do that again. yeah, right.

Trump's inability to pay tax proves he is a shithouse business man, one who cannot make profits, one who can only survive by the largesses of that taxpayer.

Every dollar of tax forgone because of losers like Trump is a dollar of tax that must be found elsewhere, from those who are able to succeed.

The Veteran said...

David ... re Clinton Foundation .. I'm talking about money for favors while she was SoS (and in anticipation of her as POTUS). Re Trump. I repeat, tax avoidance is legit. Tax evasion is not. The tax laws in most developed western countries, yours included, allow you to offset a loss against a tax liability.

Are you really suggesting that anyone claiming a legitimate tax deduction is rorting the system .. if you are then your're being silly.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Of course he is. And yes, he is.

David said...

I'm talking about money for favors while she was SoS (and in anticipation of her as POTUS).

And the proof of this is ...?

Oh, you don't have any. How odd.

Are you really suggesting that anyone claiming a legitimate tax deduction is rorting the system ...

Not sure how you can read that in to my post.

But hey, keep jumping on the Trumpwagon, shameless hypocrisy is about all the right wing has going for it.

Well, I don’t mind sacrificing for the country to be honest with you. But you know, you do have a problem because half of the people don’t pay any tax. And when he’s talking about that he’s talking about people that aren’t also working, that are not contributing to this society. And it’s a problem. But we have 50 percent. It just hit the 50 percent mark. Fifty percent of the people are paying no tax.…

That was Trumplethinskin on Fox last July. yes, he's one of the moochers and leaners, not one of the doers and producers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David I look forward to your arguments for the canonization of Al Capone. He was, after all, just a poor misunderstood philanthropist.

The Veteran said...

David ... stop being a f*****t. You know that I don't support Trump but I'm not going to dump on him for doing something the law allows. What I do criticise is his handling of the issue. Letting it drag out and let others tell the story is dumb politics.

As for the Clinton Foundation ... google the list of countries that have donated to the Foundation and reflect ... it's called buying influence and if you think various middle eastern Kingdoms and Sheikdoms pony up large sums of dosh from the purist of motives then more fool you.

I know it will come as a shock to you wrapped, as you are, in a leftist self-righteous cocoon but neither the left nor the right have a mortgage on shameless hypocrisy. Both can be guilty of it when it suits them. I don't mind partisanship but dumb partisanship is just that.

David said...

Hillary Clinton was not involved with the running of the Clinton Foundation during her time as SoS. That is on the public record.

I'm talking about money for favors while she was SoS ...

And yet you can offer no proof of this.

And, unlike the Trump Foundation, the Clinton Foundation has actually spent money doing good things. Maybe some of the money has come from shady characters, but at least it has been used to do good, not to enrich one misogynist fascist.

Did you know that both AUSAID and The Commonwealth of Australia have given over $10 million? What did they ask in return? you don't know, do you? just like you don't know what Saudi Arabia asked.

here is a list of all the donors to The Clinton Foundation - pretty transparetnt, isn't it?

But, let's stay on point - What does Trump's billion dollar tax write off say about his business acumen? It says he has none. It says he is a leech on the taxpayer. it says what we always knew - he is a bullying blowhard with not a single redeeming feature.

Anonymous said...

I've seen your comment "Bring back HST" several times. I've looked at the site's labels, under T and H, but see nothing applicable. You couldn't be referring to the long deceased Harry S Truman, could you? I would like to know who (or what ) you mean
Thanks, Peter

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well of course, David. And Bill did NOT have sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky.

David said...

Neither did Donald Trump.

Redbaiter said...


Really, its no wonder the left have made mincemeat of the right in NZ, insular little Cuba of the South Pacific that it has become.

Just what is it that is going to wake you up to how you are being played?

The issue is not Trump. Its not even Hillary Clinton any more.

The real issue of the 2016 USA election cycle is that the liberal MSM have completely discarded any pretence to objectivity and honest reporting and gone full tilt to elect one of the most corrupt lying criminals in US politics to the White House.

As if Obama hasn't been bad enough.

You know how to kill off the Democrats?

You kill off the MSM, because they are one and the same. (Even in NZ)

And they're playing you like big hungry fish still, even when they're corruption is so blatantly obvious.

The subject of this post for example, just outrageously worthless shit coming from the NYT, who actually committed an illegality in obtaining and publishing Trump's tax returns.

The MSM enthusiastically stain Trump with any misdemeanor they can dream up, while constantly ignoring the most corrupt events associated with Alinskyite (Alinsky's strategies were the subject of her University thesis) Hillary Clinton and her rapist husband Bill.

And the Nats in NZ, who so outrageously and so falsely claim to represent the opposition to the left, suck it all in, and are so easily manipulated, with not one small sign that they understand what is going on.

I'm no Trump fan, on a scale of 1 to 10 I'm struggling to give him a 2, but whatever, he still light years ahead of the scheming lying dirty commie POS Hillary Clinton. But it really doesn't matter. All that is completely overshadowed by the corruption that is occurring right under your noses.

Let me say it again. The issue of the 2016 US elections is the utter and blatant political corruption of the liberal MSM who have pulled out all stops to ensure Trump is stopped and Hillary is elected.

Wake the fuck up FFS, and stop helping them in their corruption.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is this redbaiter and what he on? I could sure do with a hit.

Trump is the creation of the MSM, he is the beneficiary of billions in free publicity. They parrot everything he says, he flips from one view and flops to another, sometimes in the same sentence, and they never, ever call him out on it.

If the MSM stopped covering Trump for 24 hours he would disappear up his own asshole so fast you'd never see him again.

The Veteran said...

Peter 5.32 ... yep, I mean the 53rd President. He is without doubt the standout President post WW2 and I'll tell you why.

He had his ups and downs and certainly his ties to the Predergast Democratic Machine which dominated Missouri politics in the twenties and thirties caused him some difficulties but that pales into insignificance compared against his record as Chairman of the Trueman Committee in WW2 which exposed corruption in the letting of war contracts and later his record as President. Above all, Trueman was for the worker, the farmer, the small business man be he white or black or brindle.

As President his standout achievements would have to be:

#1. His decision to drop the bomb. A decision he never regretted or apologised for.
#2 The weaning of America away from isolationism
#3 His championing of the Marshall Plan; the catalyst for the reconstruction of Europe.
#4. His financial support to a bankrupt Britain.
#5. Standing up to Stalin.
#6 The integration of the US military.
#7 Defying the media and going on to win the 1948 election that Dewey couldn't lose.
#8 Standing firm on Berlin and, against much advice, authorising the Berlin airlift.
#9 The establishment of NATO to counter the Soviet threat.
#10 His support for Israel.
#11. His firm response to the invasion of South Korea by the North.
#12. Having the balls to fire an out of control MacArthur.

All Presidents leave their mark. Trueman left his in spades.

David said...

You know how to kill off the Democrats?

You kill off the MSM, because they are one and the same. (Even in NZ)

Worried of Tauranga sure loves him some fascist attacks on democracy. I guess he only gives Trump a 2/10 as even Trump isn't fascist enough for WoT.

And what an insight he provides, that Hillary Clinton wrote a University thesis on Saul Alinsky. Of course, WoT never read behind the headline, he never read the thesis, in which Clinton disagrees with much of Alinsky's model.

Poor old Worried of Tauranga - the world has passed him by, he can only see the rear end of the clown car as it vanishes into the distance.

paul scott said...

David. Once again with love. Here are the cut and paste words for you to apply to non progressives like Red.
Racist, Sexist, bigoted, xenophobic, Islamophobic,[true ] stupid, old, white, young, uneducated, rural slow, redneck, fascists, Jewish, backward, Christian, misogynist, chauvinist, bad, ugly, alt-white ,extremist ,idiotic, despicable, not progressive
Its best to cover everything so we all know where you stand, or sit, or lie..

The Veteran said...

Red ... are you serious in suggesting that the way forward is to kill off the MSM? What's left then ... you tell me. A free media is essential to a functioning democracy. You are free to disagree with it as you will but to suggest that it be shut down identifies you as a supporter of a totalitarian State be it of the extreme right or hard left ... there is no difference.

That's why your rants deserve to be treated with contempt.

paul scott said...

Tax and corruption and the media
I agree with Red's analysis of the MSM. I have been in a foreign country now for 7 months,
and I get little or no MSM. No New Zealand news at all except for internet.
I could not tell you how good it is to be away from the rats in the NZ media.
Before I left I gave up the local newspaper, and I virtually have a ban on New Zealand radio anyway. But TV would catch me unaware.

I am shocked at what I see over at the Farrar propaganda show which completely ignores the assault on democracy in our country.
It isn't happening, they have not notidsced and if they have it serves us all right anyway because we are all [ repeat again ] Racists, Xenophobes .....and 24 more words.

Race based appointments? So what. He's probably a racist and ... 24 more progressive words

paul scott said...

Veteran. You are the media now. You and Red and me and people like us.
There is no other choice. Even the Libertarians can take part, if they have any news.

Anonymous said...

Same old, same old. Thee are more repeats here than afternoon telly. The only amusing comments are Finkensteins. He reminds me of the kid in the gang who is always three back shouting "Garn, hit him Bert, give him a good hiding" but when it kicks off he at the back ready to leg it.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Redbaiter said...


gravedodger said...

Harry S Trueman came to office on the death of Franklin D Roosevelt and had absolutely no preparation, being completely isolated from the presidents agenda and office. As a courtesy he called with his condolences to the late presidents widow including how sorry he was at the passing of FDR. Mrs Roosevelt, totally aware as to how woefully unprepared HST was to step into the top job, quickly replied to Mr Trueman, no Mr President it is I who is so sorry for you.

I concur he was one of the greatest and I am appalled at the shallow rewriting of history particularly around his decision to use the two bombs, a very tough decision but one that history will correctly acclaim as saving many many more lives than were killed.
Total unconditional surrender was the only option and until that second bomb on Nagasaki it was just not going to happen without a bloody lethal invasion of the homeland, and even until the second city was obliterated even the God Emperor was not even contemplating such a reversal of military policy.

Having exercised the awesome decision to use the bomb he had the courage and reason to fire McArther who wanted to use nukes against the North Koreans when HST could see that well might have had WW3 within the decade of the ending of WW2.

Oh and one other bit of history, there was no Christian name to carry the "S", his minders in his election as veep made him adopt it as a Presidential possibility just had to have three Initials as a minimum.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well he was following in illustrious footsteps.

"W Spencer C"

The Veteran said...

GD ... you are sorta right re the 'S' but not quite. Trueman's paternal grandfather was Anderson Shippe Truman while his maternal grandfather was Solomon Young. To placate their touchy elders his parents added an S as his middle initial but studiously refrained from deciding whether it stood for Shippe or Solomon.

Truman's mother was always referred to in the family as Mamma Truman. She was a very staunch Southerner. Twas said that the only Yankee she respected was a dead one.

Angry Tory said...

Naa RB. Simpler than that: do you want to elect a traitor?

Anyone voting Clinton has forfeited their Citizenship and all Constitutional rights.

The Veteran said...

AT ... I'm not sure that even Red would go so far as to suggest that someone voting for a particular candidate should be stripped of their citizenship and forfeit their constitutional rights ... or perhaps I'm wrong, Scary.