Saturday, October 29, 2016


My first visit to Australia was to accompany my daughter to Sydney when she won a retail promotion and had to travel short notice to collect. None of her friends or spouse could manage so Dad stepped up with the proviso there might be some creepys who could jump to wrong conclusions, we were to be accommodated in the Cross after all

Any way nuff of that, with one day sans any planned activity I suggested a coach trip to the Capital just down the road.

Good old Murray's coachlines,  we  just missed the start at down town depot and when daughter burst into tears all stops were pulled and they used other services to get us aboard at Livepool and we were gone.
After Goulburn the road to Canberra leaves the Hume Highway and around half way along that secondary highway, Lake George lies alongside, with its waters lapping.
That was c1990 then a decade later other daughter and her man secured IT work in the ACT and we made multiple trips to visit  them but Lake George had gorn away. Replacing it were fenced pastures and an expanse of land with a puddle sometimes to be seen in the distance.

Now that all the doomsday predictions have also buggered 'orf'  Lake George has returned and is almost full again, salty, some fish and the fences submerged but it wont last. It filled  last June in that big weather event but after years of dry it rapidly drained into the soils, however further significant rainfall and it is back and will hang about.

So if Lake George is on a bucket list now is good,  as  it will again dry up as it has done for centuries.  

A interesting intersection of climate and weather in a vast landscape.

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