Thursday, October 13, 2016


Watching the chattering classes react to Judith Collins and you are reminded of Pavlov's dog and classical conditioning.

It is refreshing to see someone stand up and tell sometime anarchist Metiria Turei and her Labour Party side-kick Jacinda Ardern along with their fellow politically correct driven apologists a few home truths ... that many of the problems blamed on child poverty can be sheeted home to the parent.   "I don't just see monetary poverty.   I see a poverty of ideas, a poverty of parental responsibility, a poverty of love, a poverty of caring".

She went on to point out the obvious ... that this country has an extensive and generous social welfare system, better than many other developed countries, that caters for people in genuine need.  "I can tell you that it's not just a lack of money, it's primarily a lack of responsibility - I know it's not PC - but, you know, that's just me."

Lack of responsibility nurtured by the idea that the welfare state is there to provide the answer to all of life's problems.    Said it before and I'll continue to say it ... Sir Apirima Ngata had it right when he said social welfare will destroy my people (paraphrased).    

Judith Collins tells it how it is and the chardonnay socialists squeal because they don't like hearing simple home truths.  We can continue to throw money at the problem until the cows come home but until there is a step change in mindset then nothing much will change.


Paulus said...

Well said Judith - been a long time waiting for it to be said.

Redbaiter said...

I'd like Judith a lot more if she wasn't such a raving Marxist/ feminist.

The Veteran said...

C'mon Red ... referencing your own blog in calling Collins a raving Marxist/feminist carries about as much weight in as your referencing the Progressive Radio Network in the United States as your authority for attacking John McCain ... never going to let you live that one down.

BTW, I notice that your blog doesn't figure on the NZ Blog Ratings Stats. Is it because you need to get at least one page view per month in order to make the list.
No Minister rates as the twelfth most widely read blog in the country with over 19,000 page views per month.

Allan said...

Just love it, the truth hurts. If social welfare was the solution to poverty it would have been wiped out years ago. Unfortunately the more money thrown at the problem the greater the problem gets. Bad parenting is one of the root causes. I was in the Police in the 70's and there were certain families who we were always dealing with. I noted about a year ago one of the children who I dealt with at the time, who is now a grandmother, along with her daughter were up in front of the Courts for Benefit Fraud as well as other crimes so as you can see by this nothing will ever change. Inter generational uselessness is unstoppable until we find a way of stopping them procreating.

Redbaiter said...

A lot of the time Vet you remind me of a guy who shaves his head to hide the fact he's losing his hair.

A whole lot of waffle about nothing in a transparent attempt to hide the fact you can't come up with any real defence.

You Nat guys are too often like that.

All fired up when you need to argue with some extreme left freak like that fat gutted multi-nicked coward, but impotent when criticised from the right.

I'll say it again to emphasize it.

You National guys are almost always the same. Completely incapable of mustering any defence to criticism from the right.

Just another group of leftists just not quite so far over on the spectrum as some, but still feeling threatened by anyone whose not what you call "center right'.

In fact a piss weak euphemism for being in a state of abject surrender over the last 50 years, and who have now given the left so much the reality is there's nothing further to the right than far left.

Poncing about upon a political spectrum that's only 25% of any reasonable width and regarding the 75% that exists to the right as something scary and evil.

Just like battered wives you are. Chained up by the left and loving it.

The Veteran said...

Red ... I am tempted to describe your post above as nonsense but that would be unfair to real nonsense. I don't see you as representing the 'right' ... I see you as someone who has lost the plot completely.

Anyone who would describe Judith Collins as a Marxist/feminist is clearly beyond help.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ms. Collins for identifying a problem that had been identified thirty years ago. I have heard that speech a dozen times in the UK over the last decade but as yet no think tank has come up with an that would be newsworthy, not the same old "identifying" old problems in a new way.

The world is changing so fast now and robotics, automation and the shift of jobs to low wage countries have decimated the answer to welfare....meaningful jobs. I recently saw a robotic machine that built the four walls of a two story house, in brick, working on satnav and a program, without stopping for a tea break. My wife can stitch embroidery with a computerised machine that thirty years ago would have taken a lifetime of training.

Recently Warren Buffet bought the the 50 acre Heinz baked been factory in the UK now a factory that had been employing families since 1946 is almost all automated. Ditto the KRAFT takeover of Cadburys. Where are the jobs? oh let them stack shelves at the supermarket...sorry... there is a robot on the market that will do that already. Just lock the doors at night and in the morning all shelves stacked and goods accounted for.

My neighbour with a very large lawn has sold his ride on and purchased a robot mower. Bad news for the people who make ride ons. So the only answer to welfare is make work schemes, a universal income or ban machines and go back to gangs of men digging holes in I started my career.

The capitalist system dictates that if you are running an industry that is labour intensive you will either go under or be bought out a low price.

So perhaps Ms Collins might actually come up with answer that is not politically inspired and tell the truth about is a bribe to retain civil order without it you would revert back to 18th century squalor and rampant crime.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Just as an addendum it is not being on welfare that destroys male self esteem which leads to bad parenting. It is being jobless and yes there are always examples of people who just wont work, usually those with an alternative income.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut, you conveniently forgot about all those new jobs for the people making robots.

Gerald said...

Is that your best shot Adolt?
Whose assemblying the msjority of industrial robots today?

Noel said...

Not only are robots been used to assemble other roborts today an insight into the future below?

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... it's called evolution. Old jobs disappear and new ones open up ... and I think there is a certain truth in your descriptive of welfare as a bribe to retain social order.

But that doesn't alter the point made by Judith Collins ... there are a number of drivers that contribute to child poverty and money is only one of them and clearly, for some. that is an inconvenient truth.

Shelldrake said...

Red. You are a complete waste of space and an oxygen thief to boot. If you have nothing to offer that is constructive why not just keep quiet rather than convincing the audience here that you are simply an idiot looking for a village.

Angry Tory said...

Poncing about upon a political spectrum that's only 25% of any reasonable width and regarding the 75% that exists to the right as something scary and evil.

25/75 - come on, more like 1%- 99%

Look at the Phillipines. We know how to deal with criminals and bludgers: arm the cops and let them do their dammed job.

As for The Robots - the 1% of people who own things, make things, who are productive, can now survive without 99 peasants to look after them. We don't need the 99%. Simple as that.

find a way of stopping them procreating

9mm parabellum

Anonymous said...

Good God...parabellum, a word of three syllables...I'm impressed Angry well done.

Lord Egbut

Redbaiter said...

Shelldrake- If I went to the Standard (for example) and criticised say Andrew Little or Trevor Mallard, that is exactly the kind of comment I would expect to receive in response.

Its says nothing. Except for that same old leftist refrain, the one we have been hearing for decade after decade- "You're stupid, shut up".

Not the slightest attempt at a rebuttal of any of the facts and opinions in the source material, on my own blog and others. (Terry at the Conservative)

Your comment merely reinforced my point. Nat supporters are cast from the same mould as Labour supporters, all huddled down the far left end of the political spectrum like a school of frightened whitebait.

What a sad commie basket case this country has become.