Thursday, October 6, 2016


What about the privacy act?

So some chick needs a stud and Aron Smith wants a root, a quicky in private and a couple of perverts record it on their smart phone.

Suddenly the whole media have nothing else to obsess over, geez some people  have no recall of the passion of youth.

The silly bint in South Africa thought she had Jonah when good old boy Roger Randall thought he was special.

Some years ago on a summers evening two hikers were climbing a ridge across from our newly finished home here in Paradise and wherever their fancy had for a campsiteI have no idea, they struck camp about 700 yards distant in their two little tents.
Around 0900 next morning they stirred and did some ablutions when passion intervened and doggy style was the relief de jour. I mentioned the rather extraordinary theatre  to SWMBO who asked was I going to yell at them only for my response to recall we were young once .
Then camp was packed and they started to descend back towards town when light NW rain commenced but the funniest was to come with the clearly alpha male leading with a small pack and his bitch carrying a larger burden following, so medieval.

Two people consent and two perverts get involved, sorry but it was not their bloody business.
Aron was in his travel uniform so what, they found somewhere private and it is now between Smith and his partner and no one else.
Now that is a breach of privacy I have serious issues with, while the dopey law prevents me discovering the health status of a mate in care although others who  might not have any interest can be fully informed.

Oh and BTW the rugby union was not in the gun for the thug and his discharge without conviction Mr Idiot Dellow was squarely at the behest of the moronic judge Bruce Davison who made what in my opinion was a monumental error in favour of an apparently unrepentent thug over giving the bash to two chicks and annother two young men, one whose rugby career is now ended, but that didnt stop the idiots on one news from including it in a roll of dishonour for NZ Rugby

Politicians, sports people, management, workers, unemployed, preists, even professionals both modern and the oldest, all have urges and take opportunities that others might pass by, it is only news if laws are broken in moments of passion.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

I'm with you. The people who recorded the 'misdemeanor' irk and revolt me more.

Nookin said...

The people who recorded this would have been well aware that the news media would be all over this like a rash and they would have been absolutely right. I wonder if the recorder went "ka-ching" every 5 seconds?

This whole thing has been a massive turn-off and I cant be bothered reading any more about it. Aaron has had his ass well and truly booted as he deserved but the heat is really about to come on when he gets home. In the meantime, why hasn't the media asked the peeping tom why he didn't just bang on the door and tell Aaron not to be such a tosser and get his sorry ass out of there? Most others would have.

I wonder if there has been a financial return?

I wonder why the news media thinks that this is the most important headline?

Andrei said...

This is the main news story in New Zealand?

Even the Prime Minister joins in the pile on!

Meanwhile on TV3 we have this trash to confuse our young.