Thursday, October 27, 2016


If you go by the RCP polls the US Presidential election is all over bar the shouting.   They show Clinton leading in all but one poll with a margin of between one and fourteen points.   The one poll to go against the trend is the LA Times/USC Tracking Poll which has it for Trump at plus one.

My one word of caution.   I have to wonder if the huge barrage of negative publicity about Trump has resulted in Trump supporters being reluctant to declare themselves as such leading to an under-reporting of his actual strength ... that in the privacy of the ballot booth people will vote from their anti-Washington establishment heart rather than their head.   A long shot but a shot nevertheless.   

The website to monitor now and on election day ... hat-tip to the US Ambassador for that.


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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

For a moment I thought the headline read:-

"Is It All Over Bar The Shooting?"

Sadly, this election,nothing would surprise me.