Sunday, October 16, 2016


There has been speculation around the possibility that Hillary Clinton may have Parkinsons.

So bloody what.

Sir John Walker has been an admitted Parkinsons patient since 1996 , twenty freakin years. During that so called period of affliction he has continued a full working life,  commercial and public and I have no knowledge of any serious problems around the delivery he achieves with either.

My love of over half a century has been diagnosed with the neurological condition for over six years and although some problems around movement and energy. She stIll accomplishes more than many her age and although some of the medications can give side effect problems including nausea, none of them can in any way be problematical as to her abilities to reason, think or act.

Whether that woman has Parkinsons or not is of little interest to me however that said there is a whole lot of baggage in her life that gives serious cause to doubt her fitness for the office of POTUS.
So I return to my central thoughts around the current state of the Union and wonder still how such a great and successful nation can find itself so bereft of genuine talent in its search for a next head of state.
Makes a great case for the monarchy in the UK and those Commonwealth States that have continued to avoid the bogfest of debauchery that the US finds itself struggling in.


The Veteran said...

Well said GD ... I don't think 'her' supposed medical condition is an issue. The real question is whether 'she' is a fit a proper person to be POTUS.

It's sad that there's only one answer to that question and it applies equally to both candidates.

Surely among 324.2 million ...... sigh.

David said...

Ignorance IS the excuse. These stories are being spread by malicious people, preying on the ignorance of the Trumpanzees.

I know of many people with Parkinson's that lead full and successful lives. But, just as Trump prefers heroes that aren't captured, he also prefers scientists who aren't in wheelchairs.

Chaz said...

She doesn't have Parkinson's. That's just shit being spread about by Steve Bannon and his fuckwiited chums in Donny the rapist's cesspool.

The Veteran said...

Chaz ... yes, but is 'she' fit to be POTUS. Not many think so, less Donald Trump.

Chaz said...

Sure she is. The fact that the right have been driven mad by her for 25 years, and they've never been able to make any of the smears stick says it all. She's far from perfect, but she's definitely qualified. Donald the tax-cheating octopus OTOH....