Wednesday, October 5, 2016


it's just that I'm not very good at it ... only 35 points on Monday.    I can only marvel at the likes of Rory M you can drive the ball 350 yards off the tee or Zac J who, 100 yards out, is deadly with his chipping.

The Ryder Cup just concluded was brilliant golf.   Team USA deserved their victory.   What I didn't enjoy and where I really felt embarrassed for the Davis Love and his team was the quite over the top behavior by boorish American fans who took it upon themselves to try and disrupt the European players.   That's not golf by an idiot minority who have no respect for the game.

Certainly the tournament attracts passion and that is right and proper but there are clearly defined limits ... doesn't help when spectators turn up for a 0800 tee-off with a beer in their hand and by 1500 they're smashed out of their tiny minds.    Something has to change because if it doesn't the Ryder Cup will become a farce.


Ciaron said...

Personally, I blame Adam Sandler.

The Veteran said...

Ciaron ... he can't be all bad as he was a contributor to Rudy Giuliani's Presidential Election campaign.

Johno said...

Well Vet, i'd say given the way handicapping works 35 points is a good effort - certainly above average when you consider your handicap is effectively based around your top 25% performance.

I just love watching (and playing) match play. Notwithstanding the dickhead crowd factor, I think I would place a Ryder Cup above any major apart from the Masters as an event I'd like to attend.

Ciaron said...

Have you seen Happy Gilmore?!

Anonymous said...

The only answer apart from an overwhelming security presence and the banning of alcohol is keep the event in UK/Europe. The US golfers set the scene in the mid 2000's when playing in the UK. They charged across a green high fiving when one of their players had won giving them the cup but play was still continuing and several players had yet to finish.

On that occasion the Motto was "Remember the Alamo", complete with flag, as it was dominated by Texans. Even the Bush's flew in. They are to dim to know that the largest group at the Alamo was European followed by the Tenneseeans. Not a Texacan in sight.

Don't tell Trump that three of those who died that day in defence of the Alamo were Mexican.

Lord Egbut