Saturday, October 22, 2016


Folks ... limited blogging for a time ... of great relief to many I'm sure.   Short story, had a major incident with an escalator in Auckland and came off a clear second best.  Casevaced to the Auckland Hospital where a CAT scan revealed some bleeding on the brain ... apart from that no real injuries; sutures in the head, a gash on the arms and left leg, a fair amount of bruising and an interesting set of imprints on my shoulder made coming in contact with the escalator treads as I cartwheeled my way back down ... one unkind observer said it was a gold medal performance. Also a badly damaged ego and and suit to match. 

NO, I had not been drinking, back foot slipped.

The head warder in the neurosurgical ward has agreed that I should be released with time off for good behavior so I'm heading back to Paihia.

Going to go light on blogging for the next few days.

Great kudos to the Auckland hospital.   Their professionalism was unquestioned.  Their care and attention was superb.   I didn't want for anything.   It was a five star facility with five star service.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Get well!

Anonymous said...

"ouch"....Not the best trip you have ever had......did the earth move?

Lord Egbut

pdm said...

My god you are full of tricks.

Take things carefully and look after yourself.

gravedodger said...

Best wishes Vet, escalators need to be fenced and carry a health warning !

I prefer to be in front of swmbo on the dam things descending and behind when going up but I was the one at risk recently in Westfield Riccarton when, as a clear amateur compared to thee I tripped going down. I only sustained some skin off and my Laptop bag that went further down was gathered by a kind soul comming up and returned intact.

For Moi it was a reminder that the reaction and recovery is now patently obvious as in deficit.

Anonymous said...

Dodger.......Rumpole found acronyms am abomination.

Lord Egbut

The Realist said...

Hell Vet, that's no good. Look after yourself
Sorry I wasn't there to see it but lol.

The Veteran said...

Egbut 12.15 ... yes.

David said...

one day you're struck down by an escalator the next Jimmy Perry dies. Too much brandy in the old milk if you ask me.

Speedy recovery.

paul scott said...

I have been two days trying to understand how an elevator attacked you,and it it still baffles me.
There is an Islam in my elevator often though, and I suspect he might attack me. The girls just stare into the mirror.

Johno said...

Yikes vet, you better take care of yourself. Hope your golf swing doesn't suffer from this escalator tomfoolery!