Monday, October 17, 2016


Those political realists who are convinced the current MSM are a trade union directed arm of the MOU coalition need no further evidence, there is no doubt.

Kiwiblog posts on a snout elected last Saturday to the Wainui ward of Hutt City Council as "an independent", is now announced as a candidate in a field of three to find a successor for "the Pugilist" AKA Trevor Mallard.
Hot on the long list of serial tribal labour figures who inexplicably and unchallenged, discard all their decades of intense involvement in upper eschelons of the ever dwindling cadre of the now century old NZLP,  plus the never explained Pony Express style role of Parliamentary Services employed Press Secretaries departing Labour, in particularly the office of the current disaster director A A Little, just a "sounds of silence".

To become a viable candidate for such a tenure as a press secretary, a serious career needs to be made in the swamp that is currently referred to as "The Media", it is not for graduates of the socialists employment agencies curiously titled "Journalism schools".
Should four employees in three months become victim to sudden departure from the National Party's leaders office, could it be expected not to have the NZLP and it's media arm dominating headlines about "What the hell is going on" , while an embedded Union hack masquerading as a potential prime minister seems immune to any investigation.

Having endured the scandal of unchallenged scrutiny of the tag team ex Labour MPs and other embedded hacks running as " independents" in the just held local body elections where name recognition looms so significant as a positive foe success, Justin Lester in Wellywood a notable exception,  it is clear to many that media bias to socialists is a slam dunk guilty as charged.

Imagine the conundrum the MSMwould face should the race to be POTUS had come down to Clinton vs Sanders, oh hang on no probs, Bernie was a declared socialist wasn't he.

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