Saturday, October 29, 2016


Is the breaking news that the FBI is re-opening their criminal investigation into Clinton's use of a private e-mail server a game changer just ten days out from the election?   Trump probably hopes/thinks so in much the same way as Hitler greeted news of Roosevelt's death just as Russian forces started to push their way into Berlin.

Certainly the polls have tightened a tad in the last few days but the reality is that it's the Electoral College vote that counts, not the popular vote, and right now has Clinton at 326 with 270 needed for victory.   They are projecting Clinton with an 81% chance of victory.

24 hours is a long time in politics; ten days an eternity.   Right now you have to say that Clinton is on track to win but, such is the distaste that many Americans hold for both candidates, this latest revelation could cause the 'soft' Clinton voter to abstain and harden up the 'soft' Trump vote ... in which case !!!!!!!!!!!????   Gonna be an interesting few days.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Quote of the year:-

"Ronald Reagan with a bullet wound to the chest needed less help to the car than Hilllary Clinton."

Paulus said...

Obummer will pardon her before he retires so nothing to find here - move on.

David said...

Ah yes the Trumpanistas in the MSM and the Trumpanzees in the streets and blogs are falling all over themselves. But its all a beat up.

The emails are from Weiner, NOT from Clinton.
The emails are not from Clinton's so called "private server.".

The emails were not previously "withheld by Clinton.

Its all lies.

But that won't stop Adolf's heart racing.

Noel said...

Game changer?

Judge Holden said...

Adolt is getting himself all wet over nothing. He did this last time also. Remember how the polls were wrong and Romney was going to win in a landslide? Hilarious to watch the alt-right girly-men repeat history.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'It's all lies' David quotes a couple of twits and one of the Clinton campaign's propaganda networks. If it's all lies, they sure are shitting themselves in top gear.

David, the FBI has not revealed the source of the emails but its a joy to behold you and your Clinton boosters running around like headless chooks.

Anonymous said...

One day before I peg it I hope to read a Finko post that will either inform or at least give me pause for thought. Never in the field of human blogging has one man posted for so long without either wit or wisdom.

Lord Egbut

PS. The reason thinking people in the US dislike McDonalds is because of the destruction of the Sth American rain forests in order to contract graze cattle for the US hamburger market.

Gerald said...

You want something meaningful from Adolt?
What's that saying "wait until hell freezes over?"

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The latest WAPO/ABC poll really has turned you two idiots sour.

Suck it up, suckers.