Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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David said...

So the final big debate has been run and done. The last time there was such Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was when Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield's ear!

Last night Donald Trump bit off his own ear. There is now no way forward for Trump. All he will continue to do is cry "It's rigged" and "She should be in jail" and stamp his tiny little feet like a two year old throwing a tantrum. Trump hates losing. Trump hates women. And now, in full view of the entire world, Trump is about to be beaten by a woman.

So long Donald. All you have got to look forward to now is being held up as a loser, a fraud (Trump U case), a tax evader, a rapist, a narcissist, a total ignoramus.

Andrei said...

I look forward to WW3, David, when Hillary fulfills her debate promise to invade Syria and take al Raqqa

You have got to love these arm chair warriors...

Allan said...

David ,
You have obviously been influenced by the very Left leaning MSM who have gone out of their way to destabilise Trump's campaign and not report correctly on the message that he is trying to send to the people of America. Clinton is a criminal, a liar and an absolute fraud, her past actions and deeds are proof of that. Trump is feared because he is not part of the establishment and those within this group are very worried about losing their cosy existence if Trump is voted in. I would far rather have Trump there than the cheating,conniving,criminal Clinton. Trump may come across as a bit of a buffoon sometimes however i still feel that I would trust him more than Clinton.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Ditto and 'hear, hear."

andrei said...

You have to laugh when you see the women who claim Donald Trump molested them

DC is surrounded by elegant attractive women and has been for all his life and out come all these harpies with their accusations...

And people buy into it?

David said...

Allan, whenever I read MSM I know that what will follow will be the usual talking points from Breitbart, Fox, et al, as if they're not also MSM.

You claim Clinton is a criminal, but as far as I know, she has never been convicted of any crime. By that reasoning, you are also a criminal. Clinton a liar? WOW! Hold the Front Page! can you name me a politician who doesn't lie? In fact, name me a single living person who doesn't lie.

Trump is feared because he is an idiot, a bigot, a misogynist, a racist, a cheat, a fraud, quite likely a traitor, and a clear and present danger to the orderly transfer of power that democracies rely on.

Trump is currently facing charges of fraud at TrumpU. What charges have been laid against Clinton?

I don't need the media, MSM or otherwise, to tell me what to think about Trump. it is all there, in the printed word, on tape, and on video - the man convicts himself everytime he opens his mouth.

David said...

andrei said...
You have to laugh when you see the women who claim Donald Trump molested them

Is that more of the Christian love I keep hearing about, andrei? Mocking people who have been victimised, bullied, offended against.

Of course, all you are doing here is repeating the well worn Trumplethinskin defence. No countering evidence, so all you've got is name calling. You may not find them attractive, andrei, but I guess that your attitude to women means they'd probably feel the same about you.

Andrei said...

Are you a doll with a string David?

Pull the ring and out come Clinton campaign talking points?

Pathetic, you have obviously surrendered both your brain and your testicles

Andrei said...

I will tell you something else ?David, you sad little capon

Women when they are on their own talk about men among themselves in unseemly ways too - in the jargon of the SJWs sexist terms

Chaz said...

Andrei, claiming that Donald Trump would only sexually assault woman you find attractive is laughable, even for you, my Putin fellating chum. And it doesn't really help him much does it?

"Women when they are on their own talk about men among themselves in unseemly ways too..."

You know this how? Are you looking through their windows and reading lips? And how do you talk around the other Russian manly men in the sauna btw? Grabbing women by the pussy work for you does it?

Anonymous said...

The Russians have been backing Trump as witnessed by thousands of comments in the national UK and US papers all in the same vein. The reason for this is that Trump is seen for what he is, a blustering bully with very little historical knowledge of the political realities or indeed the political history surrounding the the Russian/Western alliance.

He is seen as an easybeat and will talk rather than fight whereas HC has proven iron in her soul and will not be pushed around. Poor old Andrei resorts to threatening war again
because that is on the white board in the big room...even the Russian foreign secretary is threatening nuclear war if they don't get their own way in Syria. This is all pathetic "my dick is bigger than yours" stuff that HC wont buy into.

Now a question for sub normal hypocrites who infest this blog. When the Australians decided to repatriate all those NZers who had even one strike against them, one mistake and they were all considered morally bankrupt and were the worst people in the world and yet these same people who took the moral high ground overlook Trumps past bankruptcies, shonky dealings and extraordinary bad judgement and consider him fit for office.

Oh, and Andrei in 1919 when WW1 had finished Australian infantry and US Marines were fighting in Russia to hold back the murderous communists that, in the end, blighted Russia's true potential and irretrievably damaged the psychology of the country. Go and lay a wreath on their graves near Vladivostok if you have the time.

Lord Egbut

David said...

Andrei, so typical of the right wing wankeratie, when you have no counter argument all you have is insult. I seem to remember you got kicked off your own blog for boosting the bloodstained Putin. Lucia Maria handed you your are in a paper cup.

paul scott said...

There is something wrong with this person David. Why does he come to this blog.
He is abusive and nasty here.
When I went over to his site, I commented on articles, no rat shit stuff, but the comments were disappeared.
There is something vile about this man.
His main method of comment is the use of the list of slurs I gave him. He has introduced a word 'wankerati'.
A truly disgusting person. I am glad I do not have to meet him in person.

David said...

What do Paul Scott and Donald Trump have in common? Both tell lies that can easily be disproven by looking at the facts. Of course, the truth is not something the right have much use for.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

paul scott

I have to claim credit for 'wankerati.' It refers to all the Labour Luvies to be found in the media, the public service and most churches.of the media

Anonymous said...

Scott's posts sound like he has accidentally stumbled into the room where the 10,000 monkeys are trying to write a Shakespearian play and picked a page off the floor at random.

Wankerati.........any one whom Finkenstein disagrees with which is nearly everyone all of the time.

Lord Egbut