Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Andrei said...

After Deir ex-Zor their will be no more "accidents" - This is looking serious

Redbaiter said...

I see where the Alinskyite traitor Barack Obama has a 55% popularity rating in the US.

This is John Key's great friend, and Key says they are "both very fond of each other".

That such an epic failure at being president attracts a 55% approval rating is proof of just how far down the tube the US is.

Its also why the equally treacherous Marxist Clinton stands a good chance of winning if she makes it to the election date.

Mark Levin explains the root of the problem here.

Its an excellent listen, and Mark remarks on issues that are common to most Western countries, namely that they are full of stupid people dumbed down by socialist control of the culture.

A reason that applies pretty well in NZ too, and IMHO also accounts for John Key's popularity.