Friday, October 7, 2016

For The 'Peak' Fooders

That is, the people who continually shout about the world being incapable of growing sufficient food to feed its population.  The Greens, mostly.

China has a vast stockpile of corn it is unable to quit.  Why is this so?  The gummint introduced a fixed floor price for corn and quest what?   Those bloody farmers just kept on growing more of it.  I'll bet they used heaps of GM seed and glyphosate to help the job along.

From the WSJ  (paywall)

The government this spring scrapped a minimum-price support program for corn started in 2007-08. That program, in which the government bought corn to keep prices above a certain level, had proved so popular that farmers grew more. The stockpile soared, doubling in size between 2009 and now.

Farmers harvest corn in Liaocheng, Shandong Province, last month. China’s corn stockpile is conservatively estimated to be 110.7 million metric tons by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Noel said...

When EU subsides substantially increased the sugar beat acreage and confectionery manufactures switched many small time sugar cane growers in Africa went to the wall.
The irony at the time was cheap Belgium chocolates been available in African shops.

Fortunately China cannot sell their corn stockpile at a competitive price on the global market.

Observing Adolf said...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Your link is behind a paywall.

Observing Adolf said...

Sorry all stories appear to have this source as the catylist.

Andrei said...

Of course in the land of the free what they do is pass a law that all petrol sold must be a blend containing at least 10% methanol. methanol made from corn

Thus do they subsidize their farmers by making the average joe pay the price through their fuel

Chris said...

There was a doco recently on TV about a grower in England of parsnips grown for Morrisons, one of the big supermarket chains. Because a few of the parsnips were bent or blemished the whole shipment was returned to the farmer with no payment. They then refused to take any more of his produce. so the grower had to plough the whole crop back into the ground and went out of business because of the supermarkets tactics.
When good food like this is scrapped it shows there is not really a shortage out there.

Anonymous said...

Chris...No it hasn't gone out of business. The farm now grows other stuff under contract to other market ring any bells?

Noel said...

And Morrision now source "deformed" vegitables because there may be a potential market.

paul scott said...

there are still mountains of rice lying in Thailand warehouses since 2012..
This after the Rice scandal where the Shinawatra Government paid twice the value of rice in the poor North. Then they couldn't sell it,
The peaks have worn off the mountains of rice, as the rats work there way through fromtop to bottom..