Sunday, October 30, 2016

Common Sense Beats Research.......

.......especially when it comes to nutrition.

David Farrar has an interesting story about a guy who lost eight kgs in a month while eating nothing but meat pies and vitamin pills.  Oh, yeah, once a week he substituted three beers for one pie.

I have a message for all those rabid leftie anti America food Nazis who infest the universities of Australia and NZ.  ( Their irrational hatred of MacDonalds and KFC is a facade for their hatred of America.  For them, obesity is merely a means to bash American based companies.  They don't really care about making fat people skinny again. )


Drive out into the country and have a look at a mob of beef cattle grazing on lush white clover and perennial rye grass.  These cattle eat a 100% pure vegetarian diet.  Not even cooked.  This is nirvana for the food Nazis.

But hang on a minute.  The bloody cattle are fat.  VERY FAT.

That's because they eat lots and lots, not just a little bit.  And that's the point that the charlatan Food Nazis overlook.

It seems to me that the hundreds of millions of dollars being wasted by these people on bogus research would be much better spent developing safe and effective appetite suppressant drugs.

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