Friday, October 14, 2016


I see that crimdotcon is contemplating a return to politics at next years general election but this time he's looking at hitching his wagon to the Greens.    You can read it here

In any normal Party I suspect his support would be about as welcome as a pork chop in a synagogue/mosque but whoever said the Greens were a normal Party.

Whatever, I'll be cheering him every step of the way always assuming of course he won't be in an orange jumpsuit heading east.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gotta laaaarf at this quote from the Phat Phart.

"Youth votes for fairness. Their minds are not yet polluted with greed...."

Apparently he is forty two years of age. Well beyond the unpolluted age of puperty.

Johno said...

Judging by the look of the fat bastard he knows all about greed, be it of the financial or gluttonous kind.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Further to last, does the kraut dumpkoff not know that in NZ, 'youth' don't vote?

paul scott said...

It is hard to believe. Would he really try to target youth votes.
Is it possible that he is becoming a deluded straight out sociopath like Gareth Morgan...
Who will align with him, Maori party /? hahah .
To be effective he would have to stay in the background completely.

pdm said...

Labour must be jumping for joy given the MOU - will it see the New Year in?

Shelldrake said...

This clown has no endearing characteristics. Why has'nt his extradition hearing been concludred and his seat to the USA been booked. His activity at a NZ election is a farce that I simply do not appreciate. Get the clown out of our pleasant land. He has absolutely nothing to offer.

Redbaiter said...

The Kim Dotcom issue is such a murky political muddy.

He's not liked by NZers because they are affronted by his attacks on John Key and the Nats. Also because its has become unfashionable in this commie basket case country for anyone to stand their ground and fight. Surrender is the mood de jour.

However it is the progressive left who are pursuing KDC. Namely, Hollywood liberals, Barack Obama (who badly needed their donations) and John Key, who says he and Obama are "very fond of each other".

It should really be ACT and or the Libertarians that he turns to for help, but he can't because they are bound up in the ridiculous theory that an idea is a property, and therefore subject to the same rights as the land you have built your house on.

In truth KDC's case is the classic example of big govt over-reach complete with political bribery, stormtroopers, corrupt prosecutions and kangaroo courts.

I don't know what it is that drives KDC to seek an alliance with groups who are further left on the political spectrum than the Nat/Labour one party state.

Whether he is sympathetic to their cause, and therefore very muddled in his thinking, or more likely, because he has no other alternative.

Its a difficult call, but I'd pick the latter if I had to.

He's backed into a corner, and really has no other way to fight.