Saturday, September 3, 2016


One very close to me has a degenerative neurological condition that led to her being a valid candidate for a mobility  parking permit.

Last April it was actioned and although the writer has for many years been a bit "hall Monitor" when a clear case of wrongful use of a reserved park was evident I am now somewhat less likely to get  involved .
Alas being somewhat physically challenged and in possession of a stronger feeling of being there for my mate, I am less likely to confront such arrogant and disrespectful activity.

I note a revamped New World that is conveniently on our journey to Paradise has added "Mothers and baby parks" close to the door along from the Wheelchair option and as one who is still very aware of the stressful at times pressures of dealing with tired and crying toddlers I see it as a public service however I am unaware of  any permit system for those parks. The are merely a convenience for mothers by implied permission of others unencumbered.

Back to my beef of the day, a car entered a wheelchair park and a fit youth emerged from a rear seat and ran into the mall apparently revealing little evidence of any disability while two males who may have been members of the Ngati Entitled Iwi remained seated.  A bold member of the public then went to where they should have been able to see a displayed permit to occupy card only to have an arm rise up through the front passengers window with a finger raised in acknowledgement  to the public spirited citizen that may well have been a 'bon voyage for travel and intimate pleasure' measure of good will.

Then again it may have been a contemptuous gesture to mind their own business as the occupants of the vehicle considered they had every right to be there and felt entitled to use that space for convenience.
Now as I understand things if I am accompanied by my besty and she intends to access the building the park is associated with then, we can  use the park providing we display the permit but should she intend to remain in the vehicle while I access that building I should park with the others in the battle for  space areas.

Sadly it could appear all too often the Yellow painted signage is merely a reserved space for people who could benefit from the additional exercise  afforded by a brisk walk across a carpark.

Are we witnessing the latest phenomena in grossly offensive behaviour manifesting as Parking Rage.


Redbaiter said...

"Are we witnessing the latest phenomena in grossly offensive behaviour manifesting as Parking Rage."

I don't think its any kind of latest phenomena. For decades now the message from govt and our cultural guardians is that white people are scum and should be treated as such by the more enlightened and entitled race that was here before we came. Hence the "contemptuous gesture". (Assuming it was a white person who dared to check for the permit.)

Recently I witnessed a car load of indigenous youth traveling down the road throwing beer cans (strangely some were full) at passing vehicles. One hit my car. I called the police and gave them the number of the vehicle, whereby the cop at the other end of the phone informed me they were too busy to "do anything right now". This was about eleven on a Saturday morning.

Of course the real reason the cop was uninterested was the race of the offenders, for he knew and I knew even in my anger that attempting to exact any kind of legal retribution for this act would be futile.

The so called Indigenous largely have an exemption to act in this way. An exemption they're forefathers did not have, because the mood cultivated by such as Devoy and the HRC and a hundred other such organisations did not exist back then.

No Maori would have parked in a handicapped parking spot four or five decades ago, for we were largely one society back in those days. Maori were pretty much as courteous and responsible as white Europeans.

Fifty or sixty years though of divisive public rhetoric from Cultural Marxists in academia and the media has changed that, and we are today a fractured and desperate society balkanised according to race and social circumstance.

We white Europeans who struggle to maintain a civil society bear the brunt of the social changes wrought by the Cultural Marxists. We obey the speed limit and pay the fines for example, but hardly anyone else does.

Its all unfolding exactly as the long marching left planned and wanted it to.

Worse, there's no resistance. Not so far anyway.

The Veteran said...

SWIMO is the not so proud possessor of a disability parking permit which hopefully will be surrendered after she has her back operation. It's a godsend for her. As a generalization I would say that up here in the Bay of Islands their use is respected although I did have a slight chuckle when at the disabled park spot outside the Paihia library this short weedy Pakeha guy tried to park in it only to have a six foot (across the shoulders) Maori guy amble over to him and suggest it might be wise for him to move on least he became qualified for the permit as of right.

Redbaiter said...

Have never tried to pretend that today's white Europeans (pakehas) are unaffected by the same politically engendered cultural decline Veteran. They're going downhill fast.

The Veteran said...

Red ... didn't imply that ... just pointing out that 'boofhead' disrespect of societal norms is pretty much colour blind.

paul scott said...

Entitled mongrels and fighting back
I could tell Red a couple of stories about fighting back, but this being a public forum, maybe just generalities.
Some of us who are getting older have less to lose.
Our families have grown up, [ my own daughter is now in Canada]. I have no wife. I have few assets and am relatively intolerant.
I have been in situations where it would have been better if I had had a weapon. Small and weak, you would wonder how natural selection did not weed me out. However the physical weakness is matched by ferocity.
I can assure those who nurture equality and equity that some of us can, and will, and do, fight back.

On another matter Veteran’s [SWMBO, SWIMO]
I think you can be very conservative about the likely outcome of a back operation.
I am just shortly heading to North Thailand, Isaan, to buy Tramadol.
New Zealand self protecting doctors think it better for me to get a parking disabled sticker.
Many years ago I had an operation on my right knee cruciate ligament .
After the operation. Mr. Jones surgeon, came in, he said “ ahh yes good you will be playing squash in 6 weeks”
I said “That’s good Mr. Jones, I’ve never been able to play squash before
In fact I could never run again, much less run away fast from the entitled mongrels after a pre-emptive attack.