Monday, September 26, 2016

We Don't Do Trigger Warnings (Updated)

There has been a procession of leftie commenters complaining that Adolf has deleted comments because they express a contrary view.  This assertion is false and reflects either the writers' mendacity of stupidity.

Comments have been deleted for gross infractions of blog rules or because their authors already had been booted out.  Never for the ideas - or lack thereof - expressed.

So for the benefit of any simple-minded leftie troll who may be considering popping in to drop off a malodorous morsel, here, again, are the simple rules.  Break them and you won't be back.  We don't do trigger warnings.  If you can't behave, don't bother coming.

1   Never publish the real name of a nom de plumed blogger or commenter.

2   Do not cast aspersions upon the character of your blog host.

3   Do not use strings of obscenities in comments.

I must emphasize these are the rules for Adolf's blog at No Minister.  Other authors will have other rules.


And after that effort, 'anonymous' comments won't make it, either.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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pdm said...

As a very much part time blogger at No Minister I endorse Adolf's rules and add that on my posts I urge anonymous commenters to use a nom de plume. At present I tolerate but do not like anonymous comments and will almost certainly change my stance on this if/when I return to regular blogging.

paul scott said...

I like to give the trigger warnings early. This way I assimilate the reactionary toxic reactionary progressive answers.
Like this :
Readers, I am a racist, Islamophobic, sexist bigot, I attend redneck and fascist meetings.
I am old and stupid, and also too young and aggressive,
I have improper education in pure science, but generally I despise academia as a trash pit of toilet challenged Marxists.
I like Christians, but despise progressives. My disgust of Islamobama and hatred of Islam is boundless.

Read further here ...

Redbaiter said...

Adolf- I would say there is more than a good chance that most of your problems stem from one source.

No matter what the non de plume may be on any particular comment, I reckon they're mostly all written by the same lowlife.

I'm sure we both know who I mean.

Beats me why you allow your blog to be a facility for such a well known cowardly deceitful piece of left wing excrement.

He abuses you, he frequently abuses other commenters, and he abuses the blog overall merely by being here.

What is it that makes you tolerate such scum at all?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The key to your understanding might be to realise these are not MY problems. They are THEIR problems or , as you suggest, his problem.

Anyone cane come here and express any opinion provided they obey a few simple rules of behaviour.

You are wrong in thinking all come from one source. I'm aware of the personal backgrounds of at least two recent transgressors and they live in opposite ends of the earth..