Saturday, September 3, 2016


Donald Trump rightly poses the question to the Afro-American community ... what have the Democrats done to deserve the massive support your voting demographic gives them ... why not give the Republicans a chance to prove we can make a difference?

Certainly it can be argued that in recent years the Black community can show very little gains from having 'their' man in the White-house. Unemployment in the Afro-American community is up; the numbers receiving food stamps increases by the week; welfare is a growth industry; the ghettoisation of the inner cities continues apace; drugs and crime are rampant; the light at the end of the tunnel remains dim at best.

Yet since 1964 no Republican running for President has scored more than 15% of the Black vote.   The worst result was in 2008 when John McCain scored just 4%.   Why so given the Republicans are the Party of Lincoln that freed the slaves while the Democrats for the next 70 years resolutely opposed the granting of rights to the Black community and it was not until 1924 that Afro-Americans were even allowed to attend the Democratic National Convention.

Up until the late 1920s the Black vote was pretty evenly divided between both parties.   A seismic shift occurred in 1936 with the election of FDR and the New Deal.  HST reinforced this during his Presidency when he ended segregation in the armed forces while JFKs New Frontier and LBJs Great Society further cemented in Black support.   But in the half century since then and under a slew of Presidents from both sides of the political divide nothing much has changed. Dreams remain just that.   The Afro-American vote remains wedded to the Democratic Party ... for what and why?

There is a certain synergy between Afro-American and Maori politics. The mid 1930s saw the election of the first Labour Government.  Some years earlier that Party had forged a crucial alliance with TW Ratana (Pira Wiri Tua ... The Campaigner) and by 1943 had captured all four Maori seats.    It is difficult to avoid the conclusion the alliance benefited Labour far more than it did Maori. Their four MPs were treated as electoral cannon fodder while the advent of social welfare convinced many in Maoridom that all they had to do was sit back and that Government would provide in the manner of a Cargo Cult of the John Frum variety.

The inevitable outcome was as Sir Apirima Ngata feared when he warned of the danger to Maori in relying on the State for everything.   Maoridom stopped thinking for itself and lost its way.  Labour threw the odd bone including the 1985 Treaty of Waitangi Amendment Act which allowed for the airing of grievances dating back to 1840 and spurned the treaty grievance industry which remains today alive and flourishing.   Add to that, the quality of Labour's Maori MPs could hardly be described as standout.

Many can and do argue that Maoridom is better served by governments of the right rather than the left.   Certainly National has a far better record than Labour in settling 'legitimate' Treaty claims.    In simple terms the Right prefers a hand-up approach rather than the Lefts hand-out.   Whanu Ora is a way forward. Charter Schools are making a difference.   Both are opposed by Labour simply because they don't fit Labour's one glove fits all approach.

Modern Labour  (a misnomer if ever there was one) has failed Maori just as the Democratic Party had failed Afro-Americans.   While I don't hold any great candle for the Kingitanga movement the Maori King got it about right recently when he said that Labour had forfeited their trust ...  that he would never vote Labour again.

To the question, a fair one, what has the Black community got to lose in voting for Trump?


Anonymous said...

There are some things that reason doesn't resolve. People will do stupid things no matter how much you may point out the dangers of going down the road they are following. I hear the odd Maori call talkback and lament the theft of their culture, lands and well being while sounding like they have no idea about anything - its just rubbish they have had their heads filled with by smarter dumb people. If not that rubbish, some other sort would be filling the space between their ears. Its not just a race thing either or places like Upper Hutt wouldn't be labour strongholds.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that the majority of Blacks or Maori all vote the same way regardless of local issues? On that basis the whites must also vote en masse because they are white.

If there is a "Maori" vote and a "Pakeha" vote then the country isn't working. Ye Gods even in the recent St African municipal elections they showed more political sophistication.

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

Good analysis Vet, mind boggling stupidity and ignorance by both race groups to perpetrate their lemming like dash for the cliff edge following those who would destroy them in a millisecond should the need arise.

Ngata was so prescient and forward looking in his worry driven foretelling the damage welfare would wreak on a people who exhibited much in survival by their own efforts.

Just as I am eternally puzzled as to how the 180 degree treatment of the Republican Party by the electorate who are forced to ignore the Dixycrat phenomena in regarding their ignorance based embracing of the Dems as the party of Afro Americans, here in NZ the elites who would rule our minds ignore basics in their modern race treatment of citizens.

Apartheid was a religious extension of primitive thinking so easily ignored when the colour scheme is updated.

Anonymous said...

No Eggbutt I'm not saying that although old (but now stressed) the links between Labour and Maori would allow me to do so. Smarter troughing Maori follow the money and at present Key is accommodating so he will do meanwhile. The pattern may reflect social and economic backgrounds with voting more commonly aligning along those lines. I personally think voting for what you know to be shit (all of them) a bit strange but that's just me.

JC said...

Vet, the answer is pretty straight forward in both countries.. the Dems and Labour are better at graft. Its cheaper as well because all they do is buy the opinion makers to keep shaking the victim and race trees and all the little lambs just follow on.. no need to make improvements when all you have to do is scratch the victim itch with tax payer handouts that get captured by the tree shakers.


The Veteran said...

Egbut ... what I am suggesting is that a significant component of the Maori underclass is wedded to Labour for historical rather than practical reasons ... same same with the Democrats and the Afro-American vote.

Where the difference is that in NZL large numbers of Maori (you can argue the more thinking ones) choose to go on the General roll. It may suprise you to know that National has more Maori MPs (including three at senior cabinet level) than any other Party in Parliament.

My personal position is that the Maori seats are an anachronism and should be abolished.

Anonymous said...

Agreed.....To even discuss their relevance in 2016 is to reinforce failure.

Lord Egbut