Thursday, September 29, 2016


I see that the Taliban have opened up on Trump here and declared that he is not a serious candidate for the Presidency.

You have to wonder why they would do that.   Having the Taliban dump on you is hardly a negative for camp Trump.   

Turn that around and he can argue that they prefer Shillary .... why?

I still believe that HST would be a better choice.


Redbaiter said...

"You have to wonder why they would do that.'

I guess they felt obliged after the Democrats/ Obama so kindly allowed so many of their supporters/ members go free from Guantanamo.

You're right that such an endorsement would have a negative impact, but not with Democrats/ leftists.

What the Taliban is saying is that there is more chance for peace under Clinton, and leftists are of course stupid enough to fall for that.

What the Taliban really mean is that there is more chance of victory for them, but leftists don't get that. They don't care much either.

Andrei said...

You'ld have to wonder if there is any truth to that story at all or if it is, as I suspect total Bullshit

Whatever it means nothing in the scheme of things - the US election is a farce while the idiotic John Kerry and Admiral Kirby are issuing threats to Russia. which isn't speculation but on the public record

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Kerry the dope issuing threats?

More like a doting grandfather threatening a grandchild with nothing but ice cream if he doesn't behave.

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... you might describe the US elections as a farce but at least they are a free farce compared with say the Russian Federation where they are a sham.

Noel said...

" I suspect total Bullshit"
Story first appeared in NBC two days ago citing a spokesman for the Taliban (not identified) informing NBC.
All subsequent stories parrot the same wording including MSN.

If not bullshit possibility hearsay.

Andrei said...

Have you ever read the Constitution of the Russian Federation Veteran?

And elections there are subject to international monitoring unlike the USA.

And Russia does not arm Islamic terrorists

Anonymous said...

Is Veteran suffering from a hanging chad? ....There is no one Taliban, anyone can call themselves a Taliban or even a spokesman. Today's Taliban is tomorrows warlord and vicky verca.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Does Andrei seriously believe that TASS, the old Kremlin mouthpiece, is a reliable source. Time for a reality check.

The question is who hasn't armed Islamic terrorists? ......Iceland? Your terrorist is my freedom fighter.

Andrei, surely you are not one of Putins little bloggers in St Petersburg.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Andrei said...

"Does Andrei seriously believe that TASS, the old Kremlin mouthpiece, is a reliable source. Time for a reality check."

Why is TASS any more or less reliable than the Washington Post, Lord Egbut Nobacon?

In particular when it comes to reporting a press release from the Russian Ministry of Foreign affairs quoting Sergei Lavrov the Foreign Minister of Russia it is reporting his actual words (in translation of course)

Your problem my friend is that you are guilty of cultural and linguistic chauvinism and are incapable of rising above small minded pettyness

You know as well as I do the Western politicians have lied and deceived the people to advance their own agendas and used a compliant media to do this.

You can tell yourself that Sergei Lavrov is lying, convince yourself of this if you want on the basis of his Slavic origins and cultural affinities but TASS reporting his words is just reporting

The Veteran said...

Folks ... read the article b4 you lable it bullshit/hearsay. The person making the comments is identified as Zabidullah Mujahid. Do a little digging and you come up with this ...

Zabiullah Mujahid (Pashto: ذبیح الله مجاهد‎; Ẕabīḥullāh Mujāhid; also spelled Zabihullah or Dhabih Allah is the name or alias of one of two official spokesmen for the Taliban, the other being Qari Yousef Ahmadi. Mujahid comments mainly on the Taliban's activities in eastern, northern, and central Afghanistan, while Ahmadi focuses on the western and southern regions. He regularly communicates with Afghan journalists and speaks on behalf of the Taliban via cellphone calls, text messages, emails, Twitter, and postings on jihadi websites.

So, one of the two official spokesmen for the Taliban (they don't do spokespeople).
Can't get much clearer than that.

Retraction perhaps ... not waiting.

Andrei said...

"Do a little digging and you come up with this ..."

And do a little more digging and come up with this

"In May 2011 the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan's intelligence agency, claimed to have discovered that Mujahid is really "Haji Ismail", a 42-year-old man from the town of Chaman in Balochistan, Pakistan.[4] When reached by cellphone Mujahid denied that he was in Pakistan, and rebutted that if such information was known, he could easily have been arrested.

An anonymous American official disputed that Mujahid was in Afghanistan, saying, "There's no question these guys are not in Afghanistan... Most of them never have been. The last time they were in Afghanistan was probably six years ago." He also disputed that Mujahid was a single person, saying, "We don’t believe there is an individual born with that name who is the person you’ve been talking to for the last couple years."

On 3 October 2014 a tweet from @zabihmujahid, the spokesman's Twitter handle, included geolocation information indicating that the message had been sent from Sindh, Pakistan. Mujahid later tweeted that his account had been manipulated as part of an "enemy plot", and insisted that he lives in Afghanistan. He also sent a screenshot of a tweet that placed him in Bryan, Ohio.

A man claiming to be Mujahid was interviewed with his back towards the TV camera in early 2009 by CNN reporter Nic Robertson. Robertson described the man as close to 30 years old, bearded, and a little over 6 feet (1.8 m) tall. After the CNN interview was broadcast in May 2009, the Zabiullah Mujahid that journalists had been speaking to via cellphone claimed that the interviewee was an impostor. One intelligence analyst said that the man interviewed by CNN was one of multiple individuals using the persona, but that the man was disowned because his superiors were unhappy with the interview. The analyst said, "There's no way Zabiullah Mujahid could be one person... No one person could take that many calls from the media."

Apologies for skepticism are not necessary

Gerald said...

Cracker come back!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Why is TASS any more or less reliable than the Washington Post, Lord Egbut Nobacon?"

Surely you jest... it is not the newspapers it is the the journalists who work for them that I trust or distrust according to their previous. To claim that TASS, with it's long pedigree of disinformation over the last 80 years, is a credible news source when reporting about Govt actions is just a step to far even for this blog.. So far I have yet to see any western leader hounding journalists like Putin.

And just by the by... The Russians bombing civilians day after day in Aleppo is almost an exact repetition of the Nazi bombing of Guernica in the Spanish civil war. Easy target practice to hone the skills ready for the big show.

Not much in TASS about that is there Andrie.....hows the weather in St Petersburg?

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

And just by the by... The Russians bombing civilians day after day in Aleppo is almost an exact repetition of the Nazi bombing of Guernica in the Spanish civil war. Easy target practice to hone the skills ready for the big show.

And what do you know of the Saudis bombing Yemen - Lord Egbut?

The silence on that matter is deafening

And the illegal bombing campaign that the USA is conducting in Libya - a Nation NATO trashed in 2011 with an illegal and immoral bombing campaign

Where were your Guernica analogies then???

Have you noticed that Europe is being overwhelmed by a refugee crisis and that this started long before Russia got involved in Syria and the refugees come from many lands other than Syria - all of which have been bombed not by Russia but by the USA et al?

FFS the West has been bombing the crap out of the Middle East for nearly two decades and now the legally recognized Government of Syria is about to re-establish control over its own sovereign territory, currently infested by liver eating, head lopping barbarians, armed in part by the USA and you start Nazi analogies - you sir are beyond help

Anonymous said...

Au contraire Andrei, The silence is not deafening. It is in free UK press almost on daily basis. It is a despicable event but it is not by the US/Brit Governments and Saudi is not a client state of the west. There is no "legally" recognised* govt in Syria just a brutal dictator who has massacred and tortured thousands of his own people before either the west or Russia was involved. The cause of the refuge problem in Iraq is Daesh, the refugee problem in Libya is Assad. 60% of all refugees in Calias are not refugees but economic migrants from Africa.

Whatever the legality of the Libyan bombing in 2011 it did not deliberately target the civilian population or aid convoys.

The West has not come out of the mid east debacle smelling of roses but to claim that Russians are misunderstood, all jolly good chaps and are only there to help makes me giggle.

Now lets talk about state sponsored terrorism and TASS's take on a certain Russian BUK
surface to air missile that has been confirmed as the murder weapon.

Lord Egbut

PS. *recognise, not recognize......your spelling tells me that you are one of the thousands of Putin's bloggers that infest every comments column on every major newspaper in the west.

Andrei said...

"There is no "legally" recognised* govt in Syria just a brutal dictator...

How can anybody be so clueless

Syria has an ambassador at the UN who reports to Damascus - it is a sovereign nation

Even if the demonization of Bashir al Assad you regurgitate is true it is still not up to the USA to deal with it and their actions in Syria are in violation of International law.

They are foreign troops killing Syrians on Syrian soil which is an act of war and a crime no different than Hitlers invasion of Poland or Saddqam Husseins invasion of Kuwait

Anonymous said...

Tovarich Comrade........France, Germany, Britain and the US have special Forces on the ground as training teams in the fight against Daesh. It is not an "invasion". The Russians on the other hand have been deliberately targeting civilian targets including hospitals.....when the US fucks up and hits a civilian target like a hospital it holds it's hand up and says yes it was us but it was an accident and an inquiry is underway.

The brave Russian pilots killed 95 children the other day...but wait, the western media always lies so it was probably only 25....Phew what a relief only 25, perhaps anther 25 will earn a medal.

Can't find anything about the BUK findings in TASS, perhaps you could post a link.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

Lord Egnut

There are three hospitals in East Aleppo where the fighting is ongoing and they are all still standing despite the rabid claims that they have been bombed many many times over - and do you know something else - the Syrian Government pays the wages of the Doctors and Nurses who work in them

You are blinded by your Anglo Saxon sense of superiority and your anti Russian bigotry, or you are stupid or most likely both but the "Bombing Hospitals" thing is pure propaganda aka LIES

Of course American bombs never kill civilians - like hell they don't, what an utter moron you are

The sheer hypocrisy on display here is astonishing - why are you not weeping for Yemenis or Libyans or Malians or Afghans, or Somalis or Sudanese

Anonymous said...

You always know when your point of view prevails when Andrei from St Petersburg is reduced to hurling personal insults.

Doctors paid by the Syrian state eh.

Doctor, would you prefer cash, cheque or high explosive? Make that two hospitals,or is it one...sigh, so many hospitals and not enough bombs.

Anyone who is any doubt should watch the Al Jezeera news channel.

It must be my Celtic sense of superiority you are referring to...please peddle your nonsense on another site.

Dress warmly a cold front will hit St Petersburg next week. Oh yes, a TASS link is on the way presumably.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Andrei said...

"Anyone who is any doubt should watch the Al Jezeera news channel."


Do you know who owns the Al Jezeera news channel Egbut?

Of course you don't - well let me enlighten you, my ignorant friend

It is non other than the Qatari Royal Family who have a dog in this fight BIG TIME!!!

Anonymous said...

Everybody owns something. It has nothing to do with impartiality or credibility of the the Journalists they hire. If journalists with international reputations are browbeaten into producing content that they do not agree with then they squeal, just like the Russian Journalists. So far it is an impartial window on the Arab world.

If you have have a problem with that then show us a few examples of misreporting just like you showed us the fairminded TASS report on the shooting down of MH17....NOT

Lord Egbut