Monday, September 12, 2016

She Makes The Soviets Look Like Amateurs

Hillary Clinton  is providing some of the best political sport for many a year - in a macabre kind or way. 

Te latest twist is a comment over at Kiwiblog from Paulus who wonders whther the omniprresent 'people mover' which is always close at hand may well be a mobile hospital unit with hoyand cold running doctors.

Normally I'd regard such a notion as far fetched but the circumstantial evidence is compelling.

*  No reporters (not even friendlies) are allowed within a bull's roar of this mafia-like dark windowed machine.  What is there to hide?

*   After her personal 9/11 attack of the vapours, she disappeared for ninety minutes without explanation.   Did it take that long to concoct the 'pneumonia' story?

*  Why a people mover when a stock standard Lincoln Continental would do?

Physically and politically, this dog of a candidate is not looking in good shape.


Noel said...

Do research a little more Dogger. Don't see any gurney in these shots.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Those shots are of an old vehicle from a previous campaign.

Not at all convincing. Let's see reporter walk up to the current vehicle and provide video footage of the interior.

Ain't gonna happen and you know it.

Noel said...

There is video footage of the new vehicle. Oh look the double doors open up to allow her to be assisted in at NY...and surprise two plush seats and no gurney. But hey if you want to run with unsubstantiated conspiracy theories who am I to stop you.

Noel said...

I should have added its easy to get confused Adolf. The van she entered was not hers but one of two belonging to the Secret Service. As I said there is ample time to view the interior before they crowd in to do their job. i.e. protecting the VIP not restricting the view of the vehicle interior. There was no mobile hospital specifically for Clinton.

If you can't accept that I guess you'll be trapped in the conspiracy theory world for ever.

paul scott said...

So lets actually see the video and pictures Noel. mm?
That woman is sick, so sick. She is sick spiritually , mentally and physically. I would not eat breakfast with that woman.

Noel said...

You tube it Paul

Gerald said...

." I would not eat breakfast with that woman."

Why because she doesn't dress like a Thai maid?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'Tis such a joy watching lefties slowly realise they have lost.

Anonymous said...

FOR SALE....One pointy tin foil hat. Only used for Grassy Knoll ceremonies and scaring the gullible. Apply Adolph.

David said...

Adolf, we "lefties" knew we had lost when Sanders lost. If you honestly think Clinton is a "leftie" then you need to keep your tinfoil hat.

Clinton has never met a rumor of a war she did not want to turn in to a factual war.

Clinton has never met a banker she wouldn't fawn over and sell her soul to.

Clinton has voted against any and every law that would make "Wall Street" accountable for its malfeasance.

Clinton is only perceived by some as a "leftie" because the GOP has moved so far right you can see Russia from their porch.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You are nearly as demented as Mrs Clinton.

The Republican Party of today is so full of wets it looks like a giant saturated peat bog.