Thursday, September 8, 2016


Does Colin Craig have a hide thicker than a rhinoceros that he would allow his not so private life fantasies to be paraded for all to see.   Some 'lesser' person might have settled out-of-court and quietly ridden off into the sunset to do what he does best ... making money.

Next question.   Does anyone really care.

The 98,598 people who voted Conservative must feel terribly betrayed.


Ghost of Greenwood said...

Sure as hell do. I always considered him a bit of a noddy, but he had a fat wallet and was prepared to swim out of the liberal/PC shoal, which is something our governing party lacks the courage to do. A real disappointment.

Anonymous said...

He was consistently portrayed as a Christian by the media so this will be another excuse for Christian bashing which, as he's on the fringes at best and not a church goer, annoys me. One must be perfect to be accepted unless you are anything else but irrespective of that I am, like GG, disappointed. Although I'm a Christian I won't vote for a religious based candidate because of their religious views - its all about ability and I didn't think Colin had what it takes in the political arena.


paul scott said...

It is sad that there is now a negative political capital for any future Conservative party.
In spite of Colin, there was nearly a threshold cross in 2014, at 4.5 % votes approx.
Many of us now go over to NZ First.
If the Government was ever likely to be Labour/Green masses of us would come back to blue rinse.

It all just shows you need a solid minder standing over you , and one who is prepared to confront issues. I wish Peters would do this. He should have someone who can kick his backside, literally if necessary. also Trump. But they will not.
To me dreaming and writing about being between a girls legs is an every day experience.
Even at the work site, especially at the work site. But if they don't like you so much, you really better get out of there too fast.

Anonymous said...

Did any one get that????? PS should have been an Hydrologist. Always finding new depths to plumb.

Lord Egbut

Redbaiter said...

Quitting the day before an election was a damaging act that would only be driven by high emotion, such as when a woman has been spurned.

Male idiocy over women is legendary, especially in politics, but this was definitely not one person's fault alone.

It always takes two to tango, and one only had to know the woman didn't want letters/ texts sent to her revealed to understand that there was quite probably similar correspondence out there from her.

I've seen plenty of women use their sexuality to gain favour and advancement in the workplace from stupid men.