Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Those terrible little Asians  have only bought half a processing outfit, the vital raw product is not contractually tied in so if they screw the scrum and try to rort the opportunity, the farmer suppliers will take their stock elsewhere.
Add in the very unlikely fact they will be able to increase their capacity by acquisition is unlikely to get regulatory approval and they have only purchased a half share in an entity that still stands amongst many that litter the historical rural landscape as monuments to obsolescence.

Patea, Kiapoi, Belfast, Whakatu, Tomoana,  Waingawa, Picton all gone also Oringi that I watched being built as a move to divorce the mother country's domination of the industry in the early 1980s, and that is only some of the piles of bricks.

Silver Fern Farms is about as good a purchase as buying a Real Estate business the goodwill can evaporate PDQ, but the new investors if they play it right can make it go anywhere they wish and it does give the Chinese a great foothold in quality meat for trade.
SFF has some terrific product for sale and my fear is I may lose my access to it, now that would be sad.

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