Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The Maori Party is a creature of the bastard political system called MMP.   I detest MMP because it's a con.   It's tail wags dog politics that forces compromise based on the lowest common denominator and reduces Party manifestos to nothing more than a meaningless wish list.

Having said all that one can understand how certain sections of Maoridom embraced MMP as providing them with the opportunity to exercise real political power.     For decades the Labour Party has patronised Maori ... fed them crumbs and treated their MPs as voting cannon fodder.   For their part, Labour's Maori MPs are mostly distinguished by their mediocrity.   Take their current mob.   Their senior MP and her only achievement that I can see is to get herself a moko.   Then there's the boy from oooop North ... some had high hopes for him until he starting pimping for crims. That leaves four ... anyone know who they are?   Give you a clue ... they're are troughing plonkers.

The Maori Party was spawned out of the seabed and foreshore debate when it became clear that Labour would not/could not deliver to Maori what they wanted.    It achieved spectacular political success in the 2008 election and then egos got in the way and and the resultant fracturing of their vote almost led to its demise.   2014 left them with one electorate seat and one additional list MP.

There are signs of a revival (of sorts).   There is apparently dialogue between the Maori and Mana parties which could led to some sort of electoral pact,   Needed because as sure as God made little apples there ain't room for two Maori parties.    Allied with that is the stand taken by the Maori King when he said he could never again vote Labour.   That carries weight in Kingitanga.    There are also indications that Labour's Ratana support base could be weakening.   And now the news that Labour's candidate in the Waiariki electorate in 2014 has defected to the Maori Party.   That suggests to me that reports of the pending demise of the Maori Party have been greatly exaggerated.

Could 2008 repeat itself?  

And all this against the backdrop of a further Labour Party slump in the polls ... just why Maori should want to back losers quite escapes me.  


Redbaiter said...

Yes, most of what you say about the Maori party is true, but frankly I can never forgive John Key for breathing life into their corpse during the 2008 election when he brought them into government when he didn't need to.

Clark at least had the balls to confront the racist faction in her party and this is what prompted Tariana Turia to start her own party. Key welcomed her with open arms, as a backup to an ACT party he could not trust.

Thereby giving the Maori Party more money, more political power, more recognition and increasing the chances they would survive for further elections.

It was an action that typified Key's frequent surrender on principles, which is not really an accurate description because Key doesn't have any principles beyond that of your average big govt big taxing big spending socialist. You can take the man out of the state house but you can't take the state house out of the man.

Key proved that again today by caving to divisive Marxists strategies and funding the fake cause of violence towards women.

I yearn for the day there is another train pulling into the electoral station, one that is going in the opposite direction to National and Labour, and where we have a greater choice than merely the slow train or the fast train to the socialist slag heap at the end of the line.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

All aboard, Red.

There's only one carriage with only one seat so you'll be alright.

There's no locomotive though. All you have to do is release the brake and your train will roll down the gentle incline which gets steeper and steeper until finally your train wreck catapults itself over the cliff into sixty fathoms of deep blue sea.

The Veteran said...

Red ... not sure you understand the realities of MMP politics but I suspect you do but choose to ignore them. Sure Key didn't need to bring the Maori Party into government in 2008 but he was playing the long game realizing that third parties supporting governments tend to shed votes next time round.

And so it happened. In 2011 ACT dropped four seats which left National/ACT/UF with only 61 seats (60 in you count out the speaker). The MP 3 seats were crucial to them being able to govern effectively. Even more so in 2014 following the Northland loss.

The MP is there. It's a legitimate Party made possible by a bastard system. You can't just ignore them because they're there and their numbers count.

The alternative ... try to govern as a minority government but that's a recipe for paralysis.

I repeat my personal position. The Maori seats are an anachronism. There is no justification for them but the reality of MMP politics is such that I suspect they will be with use for some time yet.

Redbaiter said...

Good to see ACT growing some balls.

Noel said...

You may detest MMP but the majority of those who voted opted for its retention.
Accept the fact in this instance you are a minority voice and stop harping on.
In regards to Maori seats you and your ilk are forever going on about them been out dated.
Tell your man to have a referendum. After all he wasted 26 million when the outcome was evident at the onset.

Paulus said...

It seems that the National Government has said "get stuffed" to Maori over the Kermadecs.
These waters are almost 1000 kilometers from New Zealand towards the Pacific Islands.

The only reason that Maori want to have the usual "shared control" is the money grab.
They have never fished there but claim it as part of their world.
It is way out of waka range. No outboard motors then.

Maori are now threatening to leave the agreement they have with the National Government if they cannot get their own way.

Now they are off to Court (Waitangi Tribunal) I expect.
Bear in mind that it will be surprising if the Maori Party exists after the election
as Labour will take all the seats.

Gerald said...

"It is way out of waka range. No outboard motors then"

And just how far away from New Zealand is the Society Islands??

The Veteran said...

Noel ... so in your brave world I'm not allowed to express an opinion on MY blog. If you think tail wags dog politics is the answer then more fool you. The current Kermedics debate is a case at point. No matter that Maori (or anyone) don't fish there.

As for referenda and I am generally against them. You elect a government to govern and you expect them to govern within the confines of the electoral system. You talk disparagingly of 'me and my ilk' wanting the Maori seats abolished. Actually that was the view of the Royal Commission. But while I'm against the Maori seats they remain very important to sections of Maoridom and I'm of the view they should be treated as 'entrenched' and only abolished by a vote of 2/3 of of Members.

I suspect if the question were to go to referenda there would be a 75%+ vote in favour of getting rid of them.