Monday, September 19, 2016


over the next ten days as I'm in Tauranga, Hamilton and Wellington doing 'Gods work'.

But let's suppose that on Saturday (UK time) Jeremy Corbyn is reelected as leader of the UK Labour Party.    What then the odds that by the following Monday morning there will be a new 'New Labour Party' comprising many of the 172 MPs and MEPs who publicly threw their support behind Owen Smith?

I mean to say with 'operatives' in Corbyn's office drawing up lists of MPs seen as antagonistic to Corbyn and the likelihood they will be targeted by Momentum in an organized takeover of their constituency organizations what have they got to lose ... done one way and dusted the other.    

Interesting times ahead.     However I can confirm there is no truth to the rumor that Lord Egbut has
been practicing Seppuku.

p.s.   How about this taster on the BBC website.


Anonymous said...

No there wont....not if they have an sense. Corbyn has captured the public mood and every meeting he has held has been packed out to the point some are broadcast into the street....There has been nothing like this since Lloyd-George. If they cannot read the public mood and adapt then they don't deserve re-election or reselection.

I post this as a non partisan observer.

Go to BBC radio iplayer Radio 4... and listen to the Today program and you will get some idea of depth of feeling.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

If I was going to top myself (how do you practice?) I would do it now. Just listened to my own link and the BBC cut 3 minutes out of it... WTF. This is symptomatic of all the UK media at the moment...the money men are scared shitless of Corbyn and the public smell blood.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

...the money men are scared shitless of Corbyn...

Yes. The most interesting thing about Veteran's linked article is the fact that Race's anti-Corbyn campaign is very well-funded. I fucking bet it is, the guy will be being showered with cash by non-Labour interested parties.

Johno said...

I see ol' wonky-face likes a bit of nepotism:

I guess if everyone else hates your guts you can just surround yourself with a nice insulation of friends and family.

The Veteran said...

PM ... actually the opposite. Were I a monied Tory supporter i would be showering the Corbyn campaign with cash. He's unelectable. Not my words and not Tony Blair's either ... Lord Kinnock, former Labour leader and hardly on the 'right' of the Labour Party.

As for the massive crowds referred to by Egbut and yes there have been 'crowds'. The hard left have always been motivated to man the barricades and yes, there is some evidence that Corbyn is attracting earstwhile Green voters. Meanwhile the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party (both Trotskyist) have put to one side their polemics and virtually folded their respective tents in order to campaign for Corbyn.

And the real world Labour is trailing the Tories by double digit % points breathing life into the Chubby Checker ditty ... how low can you go with 'real' people having written them off as increasingly irrelevant to 'them'. Much the same as here.

Pity because a functioning democracy needs a functioning opposition.

Johno said...

Your final sentence also applies in NZ too, doesn't it, Vet? We have an unelectable, charmless union stooge as nominal "leader of the opposition" but he's neither a leader nor opposition.

The end result in both the UK and NZ is that the incumbents get an unchallenged free pass to cruise and snooze in complete electoral safety.

It's not healthy.

The Veteran said...

Johno ... yep, said as much in my penultimate sentence although in NZL and given MMP the senior party in any coalition also faces opposition from within its own ranks own ... witness reform of the RMA and the Kermadec's kerfuffle.

Anonymous said...

A bit like test rugby......I wish Chris Rattue would stop stealing my thunder.

Veteran....I would like to know where you get your information from. It can't be the MSM as there is not a single UK national paper that will not damn Corbyn with faint praise. You have to read the provincial papers to try and understand what is going on. That and the Pubs.

Don't spend any dosh on the British Lions matches......the people that are not coming are more interesting than those that are.

Lord Egbut