Monday, September 19, 2016


Over a month ago I proclaimed my refusal to be included in the circle jerk in Rio as I considered it to be too often merely a quadrennial chemists convention where guinea pigs in laboratory conditions are used in an ongoing experiment where chemists compete with rule creators.

This morning it is reported that the Afro American who produced a personal best with her final throw/ put of over a metre better than any previous effort to defeat Valerie Adams for gold in the women's shot put, was competing under a dispensation that permitted her to use three drugs on the banned list at the Rio Olympics that she had previously been denied permission to use.
Two asthma drugs and a steroid.

How does that sit with the traditional Olympic ideal that seeks pure endeavour to attain fastest, highest, bla de blah.

Contrast that apparent  " rort"  with the highly proven efforts of those suffering injuries and disabilities to achieve such inspirational outcomes at the Para-Olympics.

In closing I am another who fiercely supports the New Zealand double amputee, Liam Malone, who handed belated justice that seemed beyond the South African judicial system to deliver for Reeva Steenkamp by obliterating  reference to her killer in the record books in a magnificent effort with sprinting on springs that replace his lower legs.

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Andrei said...

All the British elite cyclists and swimmers are asthmatics it seems GD

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