Thursday, September 8, 2016


Chancellor Angela Merkel's centre-right Christian Democrats have been pushed into third place in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State elections according to TV projections for based on exit polls and partial counting.

The centre-left Social Democrats who led the outgoing government in coalition with the Christian Democrats saw their share of the vote fall from 36% to 30% while their CDU junior partners had their vote drop from 23% to 19% ... their worst result ever in the State.

The opposition Left party, once popular as picking up protest votes, saw their vote plummet from 18% to 12% while the Greens hover around the 5% mark (anything less than 5% and they're out of the parliament).

The big winner however is the three year old right-wing nationalist and anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party which has scored 22% of the votes and is now represented in nine of Germany's sixteen State legislatures.  While the State is home to relatively few migrants Merkel's immigration policies were a major issue in the election with the AfD making much of the New Year's Eve robberies and assaults blamed largely on immigrant arrivals as well as the two July attacks carried out by asylum-seekers and claimed by ISIS as theirs. 

On present polling there is little doubt the AfD Party will do well in the Federal election due next year.     Between now and then there are a further five State elections.   They will be watched with interest.

Of particular concern to Chancellor Merkel is that this is the State where the she has her parliamentary constituency.

The Bell Mrs Merkel ... hear the Bell.


Redbaiter said...

It annoys me to see FITH LW so called journalists referring to Nationalism as "right wing".

Nationalism is a separate political category that can be adopted by the right or the left, although IMHO its predominantly a LW thing, as in NAZIS, or National Socialist Worker's Party of Germany.

In the broadest terms, to be right wing today one only has to reject the big govt Keynesian socialist model that prevails across the Western world. One does not have to be a Nationalist.

In fact my guess would be that many of the parties the MSM refers to as Far Right would in fact be supporters of big powerful govt, and therefore actually left wing. So if they were reporting truth, the so called journos would say the parties are Left wing Nationalist. Or maybe even far left Nationalist. Maybe even Socialist Nationalist, but that's a bit too close to home.

What indignities and inaccuracies we must suffer as a result of communist control of education.

BTW Vet, don't worry about the bell. Merkel is hardly alone in not hearing it, and most of the White European race won't hear it until they're the underdogs in the very civilisations they themselves built.

And even then many of them will not. Denial of reality is as rampant today in the West as it was in the Soviet Union or Germany in the 1930s. Even when genocide (Ukraine and German Jews) was staring them in the face.

The Veteran said...

Red ... I'm worried that I find myself agreeing with you re nationalism as a right wing phenomenon. It's not.

Nationalism can be right wing today and left wing tomorrow. It is a convenient epithet to hang on a Party that doesn't fit your comfort zone. I've made the point before that it can be argued the hard right and hard left have much in common being joined at the hip in the way they view those who would dissent from their blinkered view of the world.

Whether the AfD is right wing or just reflecting the views of those in Germany who feel the established parties, the CDU, the SD, the Free Democrats, the Left and the Greens don't speak for them is a moot point.

paul scott said...

But anyway, she will not hear the bell. She says still that Immigrant Islam is not a danger and is not militant. That is clinical. I agree with Red, the situation is so patently and completely dangerous to the entire West. The trouble is that He " who will rid us of this troublesome Priest" will line up his entire group for hysterical revenge. We are witnessing the probable collapse of Western civilisation. Older men with, families grown, and less to lose, need to appear at the front line now.