Saturday, September 10, 2016


I have previously indicated that were I eligible to vote in the US Presidential election the tick would go to Gary Johnson, the Liberterian candidate, such is my distaste for both Trump and Clinton.

Clearly I'm going to have to rethink that following Johnson's faux pas on MSMBC when being questioned about the Syrian refugee crisis in Aleppo.  His response ...  ''What is Allepo".  Ok, I know the Liberterian Party is essentially isolationist but that retort from someone aspiring to be POTUS is concerning.     While we might think that Americans are outward looking, given that the US is a global super-power, the reality is somewhat different evidenced by the fact that about 60% of Americans don't own passports.   For them WOGS start east of Boston. west of LA and everywhere south of the border (Canadians don't count).

Looks like I'm left with having to do a virtual write-in vote for HST ... even though I think his defense of daughter Margaret's singing talent (or lack of) was somewhat misplaced.   She was much better as an historian with her full-length biography of her father published shortly before his death being critically acclaimed.


David said...

War has always been God's way to teach Americans geography.

David said...

Until John Howard, I always used to say the best thing about being Australian is when the Seppos get pissed with us, they'd bomb Austria.

Anonymous said...

57.....I did mention that you would be waiting a long time. And don't you just get sick and tired of those overpaid and over rated "sports" writers" hyping up games in order to please the great god NZRU.

Sorry off thread but inviting a team from a country where rugby is an elitist sport and almost all the players earn there dosh in Europe was never going to work.

Lord Egbut (getting his rocks off watching paint dry)

Noel said...

Nothing wrong with Libertarians. They saw through the science long before the NAS had to back peddle.

Redbaiter said...

Actually, it was "What is a Leppo?"

But I'm surprised any informed or rational person would wait until this event before deciding to abandon Johnson.

The man's always been a far left Democrat/ Progressive. Even though he has identified before as a Republican. Just another RINO white-anting the party.

He's for the murdering of babies in the womb. He's got no respect for American culture history or its borders, as he's for illegal immigration and amnesty. He's an anti 2nd amendment gun grabber, given his praise for his running mate Weld wants all magazines to be confined to five shots and other idiot restrictions on firearms. He's for anti-constitutional executive orders as used by Obama.

Check out this Townhall video where he gets triggered by the phrase illegal immigration. Behaves pretty much as you would expect Hillary Clinton or any other Prog to behave. Anyone who supports him after seeing that video is a commie.

The man may have climbed Everest and run a 100 mile marathon but politically he's a complete fool. Like too many Libertarians.

Gerald said...

Noel also long before the Presumptive List.
Currently considered an insult by some Vietnam Veterans given that Australians have acknowledged the NAS decision but the List, where the only threshold is "boots" on the ground" has not been amended.

The Veteran said...

Red ... like your 'what is a leppo' take. Much better than mine. You're right re the Liberterians. Had stated my preference tongue in cheek although the fact they are polling in the 8-9% range (albeit prior to Johnson's faux pas), which is 800-900% better than they have ever done before, is testimony to how much Trump and Clinton are a turnoff to many American voters.

I'll stick with HST. He's my man.

Paulus said...

I think I may be right but only something like 12% of Americans have a passport.

In school they are taught that there is only one place in the world and that is America.
Why then should they consider anything else.

paul scott said...

These posts are very acronymical. MSMBC / A write in for HST / Is that Himself Supreme Trump.I don’t know .

When I tell people in Thailand where I come from they say something like
“ Yes very nice New Switzerland, good ice cream kiwi fruit “.
So I write to Zespri and say forget New Zealand, take the brand name kiwi yummy

I had a bad dream, very bad, I was locked in a chair, bright lights in eyes,
and the interrorgator screamed at me.

“ Do you or do your not approve of diversity” ?
Trigger warning, violence following.
Again, I said, it depends, I do like Asian maids , and the beatings continued.

Noel said...

"In school they are taught that there is only one place in the world and that is America."

At High School in the 1960's I had to learn every river, industry, major towns, mountains and hills etc etc of the United Kingdom and nothing to the same depth on New Zealand.

When it came to teaching of Maori history it was the "white" version and I had to endure the Maori guy in the desk beside me continually muttering bullshit.

Andrei said...

What a hoot - your support for any candidate means less than nothing Veteran, you have zero say in which ghastly creature gets bragging rights as to being the "Leader of the Free world" (snort!) as the death toll from spreading freedom and democracy™ grows expontentially and the once great nation of the USA continues its slide into degeneracy and squalor

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... and your support for Hutin is a hoot also. Certainly Russia has never claimed to be the land of the free ... couldn't, because it never has been. Millions of serfs and countless others who dared to criticise any all all regimes from the Tsar forward could attest to that ... ever heard of Gulags?

Andrei said...

Ever heard of chain gangs - Veteran?

Strapping 14 year old boys to a chair and burning them alive with electricity doesn't seem very civilized either

Andrei said...


You mean this dude

Anonymous said...

Hutin just being Hutin

The Veteran said...

Whatever rings your bell Andrei, whatever rings your bell. You can go back there if you like.

Anonymous said...

Russki women can sing the National Anthem very well Veteren

American women - well I'm not so sure

What do think?

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Mr Boswell to Dr Johnston

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

All pretty purile.

Anonymous said...

Well then on a serious note then Veteran - maybe Bernie Sanders is back in the game after Hillary's little turn on a balmy New York Sunday morning

The Veteran said...

Anon 8.42 ... then that would really bust the race wide open. I don't need to defend Shillary but the Big Apple on a hot summers day can be pretty debilitating.

Noel said...

Day or so away from pneumonia diagnosis and surprise her blood pressure takes a dive during a hot commemoration. No surprises there.