Wednesday, September 14, 2016


But Andrew Little's attempt to counter bad polling numbers by releasing results of their supposed own internal polling sure takes the biscuit.   No matter that 'his' results are so outa wack with all other polling data that you might be forgiven for believing the cohort group was the Labour Party caucus ... no, that's not the issue.   It's just that by doing so he has created a millstone around his own neck.   From hereon in and Little will be under considerable pressure to match every new poll with their own poll and, should he fail to do so, he'll be accused of trying to hide something.   He's now on a hiding to nothing and it's all of his own making.

For what it is worth my assessment of the polls is that they've got it about right.   Drill down into the numbers and the movement can be laid at the door of the Labour-Greens pact chickens coming home to roost.    For left leaning environmental friendly Labour voters the pact has allowed them to jump ship over to the Greens knowing that this has little impact on the 'left' bloc vote.   At the same time it provides an excuse for the more conservative Labour voters who distrust the Greens with a vengeance to jump ship to NZ First remembering always that Winston is on record in saying he would never serve alongside the Greens in cabinet .... and of course we all know Winston is a man of his word.

The almost 100,000 votes cast last time round for the Conservative Party are up for grabs as well ... that Party is finished.   The drama unfolding right now in the Auckland High Court is the final nail in that coffin.  They will split between National, ACT and NZ First.    The NZ First commitment to CIR will certainly have them interested.

Here endith the lesson.   Let he who has ears let him hear ... not sure the nice Mr Little has any of those appendages.


paul scott said...

I tend to give most of the Conservative votes to NZ First because many people think a 2017 National led government is most likely..
So whereas if it was 2005, or 2008 we would go blue rinse.
Now we look for competition on Immigration, Race policy, Reserve bank, Housing, Insane Councils, and so on.

I doubt Andrew Little or McCarten considered that most voters actively vote against the Greens. 15% or less stops them cold against a stainless steel wall.
The difficult thing about the Colin Craig thing is that the Conservative brand gets lost for a long time.
I couldn’t understand the acronym CIR for a minute so I looked in Google which has it as Cosmetic Ingredient Review.
So it looks like no more anal glands in cosmetics.

Anonymous said...

Serves you right started it :-)

Nosmo King

The Veteran said...

Don't worry Nosmo ... I find Paul entertaining and only a 'little' misguided.