Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Great Union That Rugby Outfit

Many cases where the Teachers Union have done marvellously in protecting scumbags who have damaged many young people by sexual grooming and kiddy fiddling over years of offending.

The union morons at Wellington and NZ rugby were equally adept when they swung into action yesterday after Judge Bruce Davidson gave the green light to another young thug who admittedly was in court for damaging four young humans none who actually died.
So don't spend dosh getting a QC just get an immunity card from the local Rugby Union.

Yes the Judge had all the facts and yet made the astounding sentencing decision to discharge a thug without conviction when one victim had his contact sport future ended when the "rising star" not happy to knock his victim unconscious but proceeded to stomp on the head of the prone man causing head trauma that left him unable to consider any future in sport where a head knock could occur.
Not satisfied with his handiwork this " talent " went on with his rampage, dishing out a beating to two young women who happened to be accompanying his now brain damaged unconcious victim.

It could be mildly relevant should the baying MSM attack pack bother to reveal the outcome for the "rugby starlet's" brother who I understand was also involved in the assault.

Oh and Rugby NZ, maybe cease with the massive spin that the " thug" all of his own volition walked into the Wellington office and asked to have his contract cancelled.

Just another one to add to the list that includes Julienne Savea, smashed his missus, George
Moala,  assault, and who else who can escape what for most other young brown thugs who resort to vicious violence and without the protection racket run by Rugby end up in the big house and have many options ended judicially right there and deservedly so.

What chance this latest young brown thug could  end up playing for Australia, at least that jersey colour will be entirely appropriate, big man eh, can smash young women.


Anonymous said...

My butcher, who was a rugby player and has many friends that still play, says this is normal islander behaviour in central Wellington after dark. He last encountered it personally after the Welsh test but his mates who are younger and go into town more often see it frequently. Gangs of brown neanderthals roaming about looking for fights are the norm and you do not need to provoke them to get a hiding. The rugby union should be tearing up their contracts rather than defending them - our talent pool is big enough to cope.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


"The rugby union should be tearing up their contracts"

In this case, it did.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but only after the court of public opinion made it necessary. Doing the right thing eventually because you got pressured beyond the point of resistance to do the right thing is still a fail.