Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Except that was not what Tracy said in the article.

The click bait header in the Stuff home page screeched "John Key's New York slap down"  that had me thinking someone had given the PM a verbal bash.

In fact it was our increasingly internationally regarded skipper, who while addressing a small but influential bunch of significants who had a somewhat wrong headed perception of NZ 2016  based on events from thirty years ago and were rather ott assessed in political circles in the US government as anti American.  When the facts were they were merely a domestic ploy by the Lange administration that arose largely out of the Surrender Monkey's insistence they could radiate atolls in our back yard as much as any residual socialist dopey anti US rhetoric and politically here still resonate with far too many intellectually challenged voters.

I have grave doubts that Mr Key will gain much traction either from his Syrian effort or his increasingly forlorn hope to persuade a Lame Duck has been to get the TPP over the line in the Congress, however he is certainly giving things a bloody good shove.  The She Beast's job application also looks equally forlorn unless there are many vetoes and withdrawals that leave her last man standing.

In the meantime poor old Mr seven percent who has raised his profile to ten by just disappearing for much of the time punches the air in the parliament while most ignore him.


Anonymous said...

Could not understand a word of that post. Took to strong drink thinking that might be helpful...but sadly not.

Translator please.

llrd Egbut

Paulus said...

But can you see our one day new leader one Angry Little or Little Pony addressing the UN General Assembly ? - "now listed hear you creeps I know what is best for you - I have been told by my Union what you have to do...................
Well you got to have a larf !