Friday, September 23, 2016

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David said...

Excellent description of Adolf's Man crush Trumplethinskin from Ophelia Benson:

Let’s see, who should be president…how about someone as misogynist as Milo Yiannopoulos, as racist as David Duke, as xenophobic as Nigel Farage, as ignorant as Sarah Palin – and a crook to boot! What’s not to love, am I right?

David said...

In the unlikely event he wins the election, Trumplethinskin could be impeached almost immediately on fraud and racketeering charges.

This would allow the GOP to clean the stench from its stables and install Mike Pence as POTUS, even though that anti-science, anti-education, pro-every evil of religion arsewipe would be no better in the long run.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, you'd better give up. I'll send you a carton of Gavascon for your post election wake.

David said...

No Adolf, I will be quite happy sipping the tears of the bitter, old, white men who have seen their last gasp grasp for power overturned by a better, more decent and more compassionate group of voters.

Trumplethinskin has nothing to sell but fear, his appeal is only to the fearful scaredycats, and yet the only thing to fear is Trumplethinskins stupidit infecting the body politc.

George Takei put it best when Trumplethinskin tweeted "Why isn't President Obama working instead of campaigning for Clinton?"

Takei responded that "As Commander in Chief he is sworn to protect us from threats both foreign and domestic. You, sir, are the latter.

Redbaiter said...

Funny this NZFirst exposure of Key and the National Party's betrayal of the basic democratic principle of "one man one vote" has got next to no coverage in the MSM.

“New Zealanders should be very concerned about the Taranaki Iwi Claims Settlement Bill – it hands power to iwi by giving them six decision-making roles on a local authority without being elected.

“This law will force the Taranaki Regional Council to appoint six iwi members, three on the Policy and Planning committee, and three on the Regulatory Functions Committee.

“They will not be elected, but nominated by iwi, need not be subject to an iwi vote, and they will be paid for by the ratepayers."

If this is true, it makes John Key and National look like they are anti-white racists in the pocket of Marxist so called Maori groups.

“All this is in Clause 31 of the Bill.

“The clause in part comes from the Local Government Act 2002, but this government has changed a critical word which allows for racial preference without an election.

“Instead of stating a local authority “may” appoint people from the outside, it states that the council “must” appoint members nominated by the iwi. This has been done by stealth.

“The government and the Maori Party are in cahoots on this.

“The perpetrators have the nerve to slide this under the noses of the people of Taranaki.

“It was New Plymouth that gave a resounding “no” vote to creating a Maori ward on the local council.

“It was a landslide with 83 per cent saying “no”.

“This government told New Zealand it did not want race-based policies either when it campaigned on “Kiwi not iwi”, but it has gone back on its word.

“The country is being steered by National toward race-based appointments.

The National Party are such scummy left wing frauds.

Redbaiter said...

Muslims are such a great addition to Western society and Culture.

Here's one showing how much she enjoys living in a country where freedom of political expression is a valued part of society.

"Get off this campus..!"

Noel said...

For a balanced view of the get off the campus story.

Anonymous said...

Dressed up to provoke a response and got one.

Redbaiter said...


Because some MSM commie deems it "balance" these low IQ socialist imbeciles think that's what it is.

Here's some more stuff you can "balance" FFS..!!

David said...

Only Worried of Tauranga would see a woman using her freedom of speech as being a denial of someone else's free speech.

Worried of Tauranga is not in favour of free speech and never has been. Worried of Tauranga confuses freedom of expression with freedom from criticism. freedom of speech implies the freedom to criticise the speech of others, it is not a free pass to piss all over the grass and not be challenged.

David said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You know the rules, David. Try and behave like an adult.

Noel said...

Don't throw a different incident in to cloud the one in question.
Contrary to what he may claim I believe, based on all the available evidence, he deliberately went to the Uni to get the result he published on his web page.
I bet he never went to the police or the Uni with a complaint.

"Dressed to provoke" said Anon 3.14 I agree.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Redbaiter said...

""Dressed to provoke" said Anon 3.14 I agree. "

So many words wasted due to the left's inability to think critically.

If you ever did develop that ability, you'd realise that the so called "provocation" (in reality still only wearing a T-shirt in support of Hanson) doesn't matter a damn.

He made his point, that on our university campuses and within our society are crazed Muslims who are by the actions of this women, apparently only an emotional hair's breadth away from beheading people they disagree with.

David said...

Sorry Adolf. I forgot that only Muslims may be criticised, that Christians are perfect, never do anything wrong and we must always worship at the feet of little baby Jesus or he will torture kittens!

A hate preacher is a hate preacher, even when he is hating for Jesus!

Christian terrorists have killed many more people that Muslim terrorists, although it doesn't really matter as all deaths are to be mourned.

If you want to know the depth of a Man's hate for his fellow Man, ask his religion.

Noel said...

Redminnow by your reckoning In her next breath shes going to behead him.
Probably do her fellow Australians a favour because his crusade to get the Council to stomp up for fireworks has already been negated by the business community offer.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, don't be an idiot all your life. You were pinged for revealing a nom de plume user's real name.

The Veteran said...

I have made my position on Trump very clear but the prediction by a Professor who has called every election since 1984 that he will win the election will be sending a shiver up the spine of David and many in the media.

You can view the article at

While Trump seems to have gathered some momentum I think the kicker will who, in the public's mind, wins the Presidential debates. I say public's mind because I suspect that many in the MSM have already written their assessment and called it for Clinton.

Be watching that from a Hotel room in Wgtn on Tuesday (our time) with interest.

Anonymous said...

Adolph. David is far from an idiot. There is something unhealthy about this blog where he gets deleted for replying in kind. I will not comment on any your posts in the future as verbal bullying and selective publishing have destroyed any credibility that you may have had.

Nosmo King

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Nosmo, you too are an idiot. He was deleted for using a person's real name when that person uses a nom de plume. Take your self righteous bullshit somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for Finkenstein to catch on.

No smoking in French is "ne pas fumer" smoking in English is Nosmo King.

I will miss him.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Nosmo, or is it Legbut poorly disguised? Having credibility with you and your ilk was never on my list of priorities.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Aaaaaaaah. Anonymous the linguist.

Try this one.

Haere ko e ki te whare tiko.

David said...


What Adolf meant to say was "Allez à la maison à mi-chemin".

@Adolf - the problem when you delete a comment without context is that no one knows what is happening. It is interesting that my comment was deleted for using a person's real name when that person uses a nom de plume. when that same person denies that is his real name and once banned me from his blog for addressing him with what, I believe, is his name.

So, is it, or isn't it?

David said...