Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sorry this is a bit late. Too many distractions.

Anyway, I see all the polls out since Clinton had her episode of bullshit dehydration show a thumping lead for Trump.

Let's face it, who would vote for a lying broad too dump to take a drink of water and too dumb to have a doctor who doesn't know the difference between Parkinson's and Pneumonia - or is it now Parkmonia?

Redbaiter said...

Yes Adolf, there seems little point in denigrating Trump when the outcome if he loses is Hillary Clinton.

That said, the man is useless.

If there was any reality in US politics today, Trump should have run against Hillary Clinton in the Democrat primaries.

The only time he ever says anything remotely Conservative is when he is forced to. The fact is he has the mind of a liberal new York Democrat.

As shown by his explanation for his typically left wing child care policy. he said it was something "he had been FEELING for some time was a good thing".

Feeling..!! Get it? Typical liberal BS.

Now he's warming to global warming.

A left wing fraud and a fake. Once he has the Presidency, I am in no doubt that Trump will reveal himself as a fully fledged Progressive Democrat.

Bottom line?

No matter who wins the election, the US is in big trouble.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Red, less big trouble than Clinton big trouble.

It must make you laugh out loud to see all the fools who denigrated Mitt Romney suddenly exclaiming how he would have made such a marvelous President.

Redbaiter said...

Meanwhile, in Australia we have the real deal.

Malcolm Roberts is the trailblazer the people have needed for so long. He has stood up in the Australian senate, part of a parliament composed of too many cowards and thieves for far too long, and told the truth that no one has dared to tell for far too long.

He’s only the one, but we can hope he is one of many coming down the line who will be likewise prepared to take it to the left wing liars and thieves who dominate BOTH MAJOR PARTIES.

Watch this speech. And remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more truth to tell. More people will come to support Malcolm, and more truth will be told. As the truth increases and becomes more powerful, we will eventually be free of decades of left wing deceit.

Thank you Mr Roberts for your courage and persistence. Your speech is the new millennial equivalent of the first sledge hammer blow against the first brick knocked free from the Berlin wall in November 1989.

Take 20 minutes to watch Malcolm's speech. Its the most important Senate speech in over five decades.

The Veteran said...

Gueez ...another 'bad hair' day coming on given that I'm agreeing with Red 100%. Trumps support for and the use of 'eminent domain' (socialism on steroids ... look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about) to personally enrich himself sez it all for me. Still looking for HST. Can confirm he's not in Taihape. Looks like I'm going to have to sit this one out ... but then I have to anyway. Still its 'liberating' to display ones prejudices for all to see.

David said...

No surprise to see Worried of tauranga hail another know nothing nobody who spouts the same lines of bullshit. Hey Worried - you are aware, are you not, that Roberts is a leaner, a moocher, in the words of the unlamented Joe Hockey. 8 years on the dole, sucking from the taxpayer tit. All that edumacation and unable to get a job for 8 bloody years!

He follows many of the idiosyncrasies of the "sovereign citizen" movement, blames the Jews for "Global Warming" and reads "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" each night.

Like you, Worried, he is immune to fact and logic. He is welded to a set of beliefs and no amount of evidence will shake him from those beliefs.

And, not only that, he is also an immigrant, not a natural born Australian citizen.

He'd fit in quite well in Tauranga.

David said...

Adolf says-

Anyway, I see all the polls out since Clinton had her episode of bullshit dehydration show a thumping lead for Trump.

Where are the links to these polls? I see some, eg ox, showing a marginal leader for Trump, others, eg CNN showing a marginal lead for Clinton.

But none of that matters, what matters is how votes turn into Electoral College votes as that is what decides the Presidency, not the total popular vote. Yep, the American system is warped, but that is what it is.

To win, a candidate must gain 270 of those. In 48 states it is a winner takes all, the two exceptions being Nebraska and Maine.

Current polling shows Clinton well ahead with a 224 to Trump's 126.

Sorry Adolf, your dreams just will not come true this electoral cycle.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Spoken like yet another know nothing nobody who spouts the same lines of bullshit day after day after day.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I've heard people wax eloquent and enthusiastic about the removal of cataracts and their replacement with artificial lenses.

However, still, I was astonished at the difference . Most remarkable of all, I can read without glasses. Never thought that would happen, having been using reading glasses for twenty-eight years..

Gerald said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, your 'current' polls must be a month or so old.

In the battleground states Trump is trending up while Clinton is trending down. 295 Clinton v 245 Trump overall is the RCP result as of today.

But keep on kidding yourself. That's what lefties do.

She's only got to cough once during a debate and it's all over.

paul scott said...

I had forgotten to follow up on the presence of ‘One Nation’ in the Australian Senate ,
until Red reminded us again.

Malcolm Roberts made an outstanding first contribution. It is vital listening. If necessary you can leave the audio on, while doing trivial tasks in the office.
Roberts is highly qualified both academically and by experience.
His speech covers :
• The Global warming religion, and the hope that science will return to investigation rather than socio-religious doctrine
• The phenomenal over taxing of Australian citizens, in multiple and compounding ways
• Race equity, and the hope that Australia can reform Immigration to select people who will add value, and will willingly take up the Australian way of life. [ This is my primary argument in New Zealand ]
• Integration of Immigrants in to Australian society
• A realisation the the United Nations is of Paul Keating’s “ Unelected, unrepresentative swill” that it is a temple of Socialist domination and the New World Empire where citizens are downgraded . That we see some signs of hope with Great Britain’s vote to exit the other temple of the borderless Islamic Empire of Europe.
• A desire to return Australian sovereignty to the Australian people.’

Malcolm Roberts thanks an obviously political mature Pauline Hanson, for her ´honesty, courage and persistence “
He also thanks others for their efforts to bring th One Nation people to the Senate/.

If I could have one political wish, it would be that New Zealand could similarly have an elected body of people on individual merit and with a primary conscience, which is separate from the flim flam governing system that we do have.

There are some signs of life. United States people are beginning to turn way from the media idiot sycophants to smaller, evidence based news reporting.
Brexit can give us courage. It is symbolic of a people who do not wish to be minions in the borderless socialist Empire, where we as a societal mass ritually suicide before the barbarian hordes