Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Redbaiter said...

Libertarianz show themselves to be almost as bitchy as feminists.

Live by doctrine. Die by doctrine.

Redbaiter said...

Susan Devoy and her Dept are generating race hatred and division in NZ. Every story is an attack on white Europeans.

If we had a PM with some guts and purpose she would be fired and her dept shut down.

Generating hatred and hostility towards white Europeans does not improve racial harmony.

Her actions are underpinned of course by the left's long march strategy of Critical Theory, but Key and the Nats are too dumb to work that out and Devoy also does not understand how she is being manipulated.

Sickening to see the country surrendering to the far left more and more every day. With no counter offensive visible anywhere.

paul scott said...

Liberal purity
From your local libertarians promoting and acquiescing to the destruction of Western Society..
In 1927 the great Austrian economist and classical liberal, Ludwig von Mises, had this to say about it:
The liberal demands that every person have the right to live wherever he wants.

By this they mean that any ratbag, fundamentally opposed and savagely determined Islamic fanatic against our culture has to right to arrive here and commence the destruction.
Mises lived in the twenties, and maybe we could forgive him. No we can not

Liberals , Libertarians like to bring the following absurd argument to the table.
Paul Scott has no right to attempt to prevent or oppose Adolf or the Dodger coming to live on his street in Christchurch. .
And therefore equally the Government has no right to erect borders, and has no right to attempt to prevent or oppose the insane fundamentalist Islamic into his chosen cell.
Dodger and Adolf are Western civilised New Zealanders for God’ sake. New Zealand citizens, with the culture, law and society as their credentials.

Oh wait on that’s right. Islam is not causing chaos, its our imagination.
And, also, apparently we should apologise to the inflamed Islamic mad men for
the attitude of the fascist rednecks among us.

The purists live in a fantasy world down the back of their own garden with fairies and the dwarves.
When you read the pure mathematical stuff like the absolute freedom of anyone to travel anywhere he likes, abuse and desecrate that society, you wonder about the entire group.
There may be a case for expelling all libertarians toward Syria, and take their freedom with them..

Unknown said...

My hearts broken

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So's your apostrophe.

Redbaiter said...


I'm pleased to see Perigo's turnabout on the issue while the Obleftivists (as he calls them) led by the insufferable & insipid Cresswell remain welded to their doctrine.

Libertarians are IMHO just a sub-group of Progressives or Cultural Marxists. They all agree Western civilisation has no value and need to be razed and deconstructed and replaced by the new improved model that only they have the key to.

This joint disrespect and lack of regard for Western- Judeo Christian society, one of the greatest societies history has ever seen, is a corrosive evil.

The striking thing is that the core of this society was the individual liberty that the Libertarians profess to care about. This is what made it so successful, and it is only since this principle was forgotten that we have begun to slide into depravity and destruction.

Rand's followers don't recognise her Russo-centric worldview, and that she failed to herself recognise such significant historical liberty based milestones as America's Constitution and its amendments or Britain's Magna Carta.

Libertarians calling for more immigration, especially Muslim immigration, is like Zebras calling for more Lions. They're blind stupid doctrinal ghouls.

David said...

This joint disrespect and lack of regard for Western- Judeo Christian society,...

Bet you can't define what that means.

And do you know who never use the term judeo-christian? Jews.

Redbaiter said...

Cretinous Susan Devoy and her ugly dept now trying to divide the ANZAC fraternity.

What a shame National are so left wing mushy and ineffective. Any govt with spine would have fired this racist divisive fraud and closed down her dept long ago.

Redbaiter said...

Check out utter fuckwit US Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, completely loses it over use of term "illegal immigrant".