Monday, September 12, 2016


A woman living in one of my subsidised houses managed by my property company "Housing NZ" is raided by police who allegedly "discover" a quantity of tinnys that are deemed to be for supply.
 HNZ go to the Tenancy Tribunal who agree with the decision to evict an alleged drug dealer.

Her lawyer then goes public with a claim that evicting the four spawn because of their "mother's"  alleged drug dealing is unfair and therefore contributing to an unlawful eviction.

Now I am an unmitigated supporter of private enterprise but I am far more exercised with the scumbag parent's exposing of her spawn to the well documented dangers from living in the den of an alleged drug dealer than any possible threat from an eviction that seems to be entirely within the area of corporate responsibility falling on HNZ.

Would the corporate not be open to a charge of "conspiracy"  should they ignore her drug dealing (alleged) by allowing what is clearly a likely seriously unlawfull activity.

I understand her brief has a function in all this but pullesee,  gimme a break, those children deserve a lot more than being in the care of such a poor example of what I consider to be a minimum standard of "parenting".

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Paranormal said...

The really sad thing is she and her children will become another of the homeless masses and the government is responsible for her predicament.