Monday, September 26, 2016

Confusion Abounds, Some Get The Bash, Others Win.

Following the news that Val Adams was beaten in Rio by one,  rather out of context impressive throw that came after the U.S.  competitor was in possession of a permit to use a performance enhancing substance which without such apparently lawfull manoeuvre, would earn a disqualification and stand down, comes further doubts.
Bradley Wiggins who in his book claimed "he never used needles" was another chosen one allowed to use an otherwise dodgy enhancing substance for his "asthma".

Now harsh maybe but either a drug enhances performance or it dosn't, having a smart team of enablers to gain advantage is wrong.
If an athlete's state of health requires the use of a drug that others are denied due to performance enhancement possibilities then it is a simple choice.
Either all can access that substance without recourse to manipulation or it is banned, anything otherwise is plain nonsense.

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