Monday, September 12, 2016


It is time for those who control the U.S. media to face their statuary responsibilities.

Unelected but with an historical obligation as the "fourth estate" as the link between judiciary, government and indeed the church(es), the free world deserves better.

This morning there are emerging serious revelations of a coverup as Mrs Clinton is filmed lurching and stumbling into a "people mover", as she is hustled away from a 9/11 marking ceremony.

So far the media are falling dutifully into delivering the suggestion that Mrs Clinton was overcome from the heat and was taken to nearby daughter Chelsea's apartment to recover.

Over Thirty years ago when Muldoon's " peanut farmer" was heading for electoral oblivion at the hands of Ronald Reagan, a much less biased but with the beginnings of an emerging politically motivated force, MSM cast serious misgivings as to the "old mans" fitness for high office.

Now with much at stake that now more inept and openly biased MSM are abdicating their historical role "to inform" voters as Election Day approaches.
If a vibrant, energetic actor delivering his lines was too old at  sixty nine why is a woman of similar age but with serious hints of physical impairment not being investigated.
Oh that's right she is the media fav and that other guy is really dodgy.

Are we truely observing the death of a great nation state.
In my short lifetime, as it is in reality just a blip on the radar screen of history, three major empires have fallen, four if we seperate Russia and the Warsaw Pact.
By 1941 it was seriously considered that Herr Shikelgruber was unstoppable in Europe only to see his dreams founder at the gates of Moscow when General Winter entered the fray.

By the end of that cataclysmic clash The British Empire was on its knees and over the following two decades retreated to its home base of the United Kingdom.

Then under the combined might of Thatcher and Reagan came what I had always believed impossible, the breakup of the USSR and it's  Eastern Bloc,

Does Brexit herald the next breakup of "an empire" in Europe or will it come across the Atlantic with the apparent option between the Devil and the Deep Blue sea.

One certainty in my humble opinion, unless The Media regain their role as reporters of news and not shapers of opinion from their philosophical based agenda, the coming years are going to be a roller coaster ride and I am not looking forward to it.


Andrei said...

" the coming years are going to be a roller coaster ride and I am not looking forward to it"

We have had our life GD and it has been lived in a Golden Age

Its our kids that will have to deal with the mess.

As for Hillary, I think it is game over - what happens next is anyone's guess but it is not going to be pretty

The latest is she has pneumonia and wont be on deck for the next week but in reality she has been being shielded from full on campaigning months and if she can't do that how will she meet the demands of POTUS for the next four to eight years?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It appears she won;t be running for long.

At least one reliable 'in the tank' media source is reporting she is to be dumped.

Thar means Biden.

Trump v Chump

Noel said...

It was the golden age and we sure have left a bloody mess for our children and grand children.
Aw come on a bit of pneumonia and you have her as a cripple.
Went to Canberra to commemorate and squeezed in with 3000 others coughing and spluttering personnel.
Ambulanced to the hospital on day two after returning N Z.
In at 5.30 out at 11.00 with 2 weeks supply of antibiotics and instructions to keep a low profile.

Gerald said...

"At least one reliable 'in the tank' media source is reporting she is to be dumped"

Get real Adolf.

"Klein has also come under fire for his use of anonymous quotes, purported to be from the subjects of his books, which he claims he received from anonymous insiders. The credibility of such quotes has been questioned by writers such as Joe Conason,[15] Salon's Simon Malloy [16] and conservative commentators Rush Limbaugh[17] and Peggy Noonan.[18] "Some of the quotes strike me as odd, in the sense that I don't know people who speak this way," Limbaugh said of Klein's work, describing the sources as "grade school chatter."

The Veteran said...

I'm not sure a duly elected candidate can be dumped. A candidate can of course withdraw in which case I'm sure there is a mechanism in the Party rules for determining a replacement candidate ... just that I'm not aware of it.

Has anyone got the answer to this?

Paulus said...

It is believed that the darkened people mover is a mobile hospital unit that now goes everywhere with Clinton in case of a medical problem, with specialist doctors on hand.
If she does not physically stand will Obama enact special legislation to either delay the election or allow himself to continue as President until such time as he wants - assuming the politicians allow him. But as President he has special powers.

Gerald said...

"darkened people mover is a mobile hospital "
Look at the video. The double doors open to reveal ..........two plush upright seats.
Why does this election attract some many conspiracy theories?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The answer is simple. If the party wants to dump her, they will and argue the toss later, much later. Party rules and the law of the land have never been allowed to get in the way of 'good decisions.'

I hope she stays on. She is becoming a gift to the Republicans.

Noel said...

Seating comparable with John Key on his RNZAF mover.